The idea behind The Mercy Giver

The idea for The Mercy Giver came out of nowhere, really. I started writing randomly one day and as I wrote my words an idea formed in the back of my mind. At first I intended the story to be just a straightforward crime thriller about a psychopath on the loose with a warped sense of destiny, but then I wondered how he would deal with his demons if faced with what he had done in a way that would make him feel something. What if he discovered this life is only the beginning of the journey and there are far more terrible things lurking in the afterlife?

I’ll admit, here Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol partly inspired me. Thus, my plan is to let my protagonist arrive in a dusty little Mexican town where he will meet a man in black with a top hat and long white hair, and this man will introduce himself as Death. And Death will take our protagonist on a supernatural adventure he will never forget. Maybe not even survive. At this stage it is unknown even to me what will happen, though I do have an inkling.

So, If you’re in the mood for a modern tale, loosely based on Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, where instead of a bitter old miser you’ll get to meet a murdering psychopath, you’ve come to the right place.

About me

As a kid I consumed books and comics by the truckloads, reading anything from fantasy to westerns to science fiction. I wanted to stay in that dream state so I began making up my own stories, writing my first short story at 12. I also started drawing my own comics–little stick figures with dialogue balloons that later evolved into musclebound warriors and scantly clad vixens. I gave them battle axes and broadswords and unleashed them onto the world. A silent chaos ensued followed by crickets chirping and nothing much else, but boy, did I entertain myself. Alas, life kept interfering and I allowed it, and so nothing came from my artistic endeavors.

After graduating high school I served a year in the military where I learned how to dig trenches, eat quickly, and miss girls. I travelled to Israel and lived on a Kibbutz for eight months, working in avocado fields and drinking cheap vodka. I sold pots and pans and educational toys in Africa for a while and almost got shot in Zimbabwe.

I did a brief stint as cartoonist somewhere and an even briefer stint as reporter somewhere else. Somehow, and maybe by accident, I ended up in law school and became a lawyer. I did that for almost a decade.

These days I’m back to writing stories. A calling I ignored for far too long. I mostly write tales of dark fantasy and the supernatural. Sometimes I write other things. I now live in New Zealand, and with a wife and kids, and a dog, I’ll be staying put for the foreseeable future.

How can you help me?

By supporting me and preordering it. You can support me by showing an interest in the story and by suggesting things I should include or even directions I should take. I’ll listen and incorporate your suggestions where I can, if it’ll serve the overall story, of course. You never know. At this stage the adventure ahead is a mystery.

Thank you in advance for all your kindness.