So why should you support this project? Dune, Star Wars, and Lord of the Rings, these aren’t just stories that inspired me, they are stories that defined who I was a child growing up. I fell in love with the idea of a larger than life fantasy story that could reveal itself with the landscape of space. Sword play and Space fights all rolled into one story. This story was written during late nights, working the third shift at a hospital, and in every other waking hour I could find. I’ve shared the story with my teenage daughter’s friends, Doctors, nurses, and now as a Seventh Grade Language Arts teacher, even my own students. Everyone has enjoyed the flow of the story, the overall theme of selflessness that dominates the pages. My only problem, a lack of time and connection to get this book out to the masses. I’ve listened to the Chris, Matt, and Jonah for the last years, and was genuinely excited for the chance to have anything to do with them. It would be the perfect meeting of worlds to have my book sponsored or associated with the Nerdist brand in any way possible. So help support this dream and make it a reality.