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Hello. My name is Chase. Like the bank. Thank you for checking out my book. It is the first in a series, chronicling an interracial relationship through the turn of the 20th century.

Check out the synopsis and a few chapters below. If you like what you see, you can help me get it published by pre-ordering the book, which I think works out for both of us.

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In the lawless territories of the Old West, Eldon Quint and his two young sons must defend their home when Eldon’s estranged brother Jack Foss leads a group of vengeful outlaws straight to their door. Meanwhile, in the newly emancipated south, an ambitious black housemaid, Minn Barker, makes a daring escape from her lecherous overlord—and father to her unborn child—to pursue her dream of attending one of the first black colleges in America. A chance run-in bonds these seemingly disparate souls, setting the stage for an unexpected future together.

The year is 1883. Robber barons gain power while debt-burdened farmers and laborers fight to survive. The Supreme Court rules the Civil Rights Act of 1875 unconstitutional, setting the stage for Jim Crow. And though many fight for equal rights, many more fight for greed and hatred as Lincoln’s vision of a United States unravels.

Our story begins here, in the clutches of one of the meanest winters on record. In the Dakota Territory, hardship is a way of life. No one knows this better than Eldon Quint (35). His wife Hattie (30) perished last year in a barn fire in Springfield, Missouri, leaving him alone to care for their two boys, Shane (12) and Ian (8). But years of drought and rising railroad costs have left Eldon destitute and he couldn’t afford to travel his boys hundreds of miles to visit their mother’s grave.

When we meet Eldon he has been reduced to selling fire mats door-to-door, vowing to make the trip come spring so he and his boys can finally pay Hattie her proper respects. But as they say, if you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans…

In the opening chapter, Jack Foss (38), a gunslinger who is revealed to be Eldon’s estranged brother, commandeers Eldon’s home during a fierce blizzard and enlists the farmer and his boys to fight off a gang of killers. Eldon and Jack bicker but it’s obvious Jack wields a bigger stick.

Then tragedy strikes: Eldon’s son Shane is killed in the ensuing gun battle. Eldon blames his brother for Shane’s demise and, though he’s a strict pacifist, nearly kills his brother.

Determined to bury Shane next to his mother, Eldon loads the body into his wagon and, with his youngest boy Ian at his side, sets out for Springfield.

Meanwhile in Kansas, Minn Barker (18), the adopted black servant of lascivious business magnate Bert Sinchilla (60), has determinations of her own: She intends to run away to Shaw University, one of the earliest black colleges in America. But her plan is threatened when Bert learns that she is carrying his unborn child. Knowing that it is now or never, Minn flees in the night. But things go bad and even though she escapes, it costs nearly everything but her life.

Penniless and starving, Minn rides north through the blizzard after learning the only open rail line is more than a hundred miles away. Traveling alone at a time when the rape and murder of innocent blacks is rampant, things inevitably go from bad to worse. But Minn fights back and makes it to the train intact—only to find Bert’s operatives waiting for her.

But thanks to the kindness of a boy named Ian and his father, Eldon Quint, Minn avoids capture. And when Eldon finds himself in similar peril, Minn returns the favor, saving his life. It seems fate has entwined them for good reason and together they travel to Springfield.

The trip is precarious yet they persevere, growing closer by the hour. But when they arrive in Missouri, a series of escalating revelations threatens their fragile bond, sending their world into a tailspin.