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Check out this awesome review of The Love Fool on the renowned Kirkus Reviews.

Link: https://www.kirkusreviews.com/book-reviews/lorenzo-petruzziello/the-love-fool/

Spread the word and keep on loving.

Lorenzo Petruzziello (author)


Hello readers!

Just sharing some events I will be speaking at in October.

On October 2nd, I will be speaking at my alma mater Suffolk University on Beacon Hill in Boston. I’m looking forward to sharing my story with students, faculty and staff on how, when, why I wrote THE LOVE FOOL. Books will be on sale on site and at the Suffolk University bookstore. More info at: https://www.suffolk.edu/sawlib/56550.php

On October 15th, Eataly Boston will be hosting Aperitivo with the Author featuring me! I will be speaking about my background, growing up with both cultures, and what inspired me to write THE LOVE FOOL. Aperitivo cocktails and bites will be served, along with a dish of Amatriciana. Tickets also include a copy of THE LOVE FOOL. More info at: https://www.eataly.com/us_en/classes-and-events/boston/aperitivo-with-the-author-lorenzo-petruzziello-the-love-fool-included-2018-10-15-4916 

If you’re in the area, please feel free to pop by or share the news with someone you know.

Thank you,
Lorenzo Petruzziello 
author + content contributor
instagram: @lorenzomagnus

Debut novel: The Love Fool [Quill / Inkshares]

THE LOVE FOOL Blog Tour – August 2018

Starting Monday, Aug 6th, for one month, several blogs in USA️ and Canada️ will be featuring my debut novel The Love Fool including guest posts by me.

Participating blogs will include author interviews, guest posts, book spotlight, and a giveaway!

To see tour schedule with dates and details — click on the image or the link below.

THE LOVE FOOL BLOG TOUR SCHEDULE: https://www.italybooktours.com/blog---current-tours/book-spotlight-tour-the-love-fool-a-rome-antic-comedy-by-lorenzo-petruzziello

The Love Fool is available at your favorite bookseller.  


Hello readers!

I was recently interviewed on a new book-focused YouTube series TELL ME ABOUT YOUR DAMN BOOK.

Check it out: https://youtu.be/PkdmV-Rb61E


Hello Readers and fellow Writers!

Just a little announcement… I will be the Guest Author on LitCh@t’s Twitter Chat Monday, June 4.

I will be taking questions on Twitter, using the hashtag #LitChat between 4:00 PM – 5:00 PM ET. Twitter users can participate using the #LitChat. For more information, visit LitChat.com

Thank you and write on!

Lorenzo Petruzziello

Author of The Love Fool


Hi everyone!

I hope you all are enjoying or have enjoyed reading The Love Fool. I wanted to let you all know that The Love Fool has recently received 5-star reviews from Readersfavorite.com, Amazon, B&N, Goodreads and more. Thank you to all who have reviewed The Love Fool so far, and for those who haven’t gotten around to it yet, please don’t be shy.

In other news, I’ve been busy planning and appearing at some author events here in New England. Recently, I participated at Author’s Night By The Sea event held at the Redhook Brewery in Portsmouth, NH.

Saturday, April 28, is Independent Bookstore Day! I’m very excited to participate in this awesome event. I’ll be a “guest bookseller” at Cabot Street Books & Cards in Beverly, MA (4pm-6pm), signing copies of The Love Fool, giving away specially designed bookmarks [pictured below], and recommending books that inspired my writing.

On June 3, I will be engaging in an Author Meet & Greet at Barnes & Noble in Burlington, MA – signing books and handing out more of my fun bookmarks.

And in July, I’ll also be participating at the New England Authors Expo in Danvers, MA.

I’m keeping myself busy here in New England, while continuing to market The Love Fool online.

For updates and events info visit thelovefool.com

A writer’s work is never done.

-Lorenzo Petruzziello


Hi folks!

It’s been a while since I’ve updated you all. As you all may know, The Love Fool was officially released this week, March 13 and as of today, it has sold over 1700 copies!!! How exciting is that?

Reviews are starting to come in – and I encourage you all to please add your review on social media sights for readers including here at Inkshares, Goodreads, Amazon and other sights.

In the meantime, please read this awesome professional review by Feathered Quill Book Reviews!


Thanks again everyone and keep reading!



Hello Readers!

Funder paperback pre-orders of The Love Fool have all been shipped out – final deliveries should be complete by next week. And downloads for the ebook have been sent Wed, Feb 14 – please check your inboxes.

Many of you have already received your copy and begun diving into Alex’s adventures in Rome; and I’m happy to hear the fascinating reactions to my story! 

I encourage readers to please leave a review on Goodreads or any of your favorite book websites.

Visit thelovefool.com for links to all social media including Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Thank you all again for supporting The Love Fool!


Hey readers!!

Exciting news: I’ve got my hands on the actual paperback copies of my novel The Love Fool! And I have to say: This whole thing seems so surreal. I never imagined I’d hold in my hand a book that I’ve written. Wow! 

I can’t believe it’s almost pub date for this labor of love (no pun intended). And thanks to those who have pre-ordered The Love Fool, your contribution has made my publishing dream a reality.  

These particular copies I hold are for the funder pre-orders only; and I’m signing each and every one of them before they ship out.  So, paperback funders: Your pre-ordered signed advance copies of The Love Fool are beginning to ship. Please check your mailboxes. (Ebook funders: ebook download details ready soon TBA.)

In other news: The official website for The Love Fool has been launched! Check it out at www.thelovefool.com

Guys, MARCH 13 is The Love Fool publication date and it’s almost here!

Lorenzo Petruzziello

Hello dearest readers!

The Love Fool production process has been going smoothly thanks to the Inkshares team.

First: Many of you may have noticed, I’ve recently posted the official book cover for The Love Fool. (For fellow writers, the cover was designed by the talented team at CoverKitchen.) It’s a total deviation from my temporary photo, and I like it because it’s a better representation of what is written inside.

I’m writing this as I begin the final review of the official print proof of The Love Fool. And it’s hitting me again: THIS IS REALLY HAPPENING. Wow! In a couple of months, my book will be in your hands and hopefully we’ll all find ways to discuss it.

With that said, The Love Fool is now listed on Goodreads – so if you are a member of Goodreads, please add The Love Fool to your “To Read” list - and be sure to follow my author profile. Of course, if you are a member of other online book reader websites, please do share – and I will make sure The Love Fool is on it.

Note: An official The Love Fool website is coming soon.

Guys! It is an awesome feeling to see The Love Fool popping up on online bookseller websites including Amazon, Barnes & Noble, IndieBound, Hudson Booksellers, and Canada’s Indigo. And I hope to see the book on store shelves too – I’ll definitely be working on that, folks.

Nervous. Excited. Anxious. Cannot Wait!

Lorenzo Petruzziello

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