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In a land of magic, where a new world–a new life–is a portal away, civil war rages and a prophecy begs to be fulfilled.

The Living God follows Saran and Keleir, two elemental mages bound by love and sorcery. One is destined to rule a kingdom, the other to destroy it. Five years ago, Saran reached into the heart of Keleir Ahriman and imprisoned the demon within, tying her soul to his. Together, they’ve conspired against Saran’s fanatical father–a king who worships a world-ending being known as the Vel d’Ekaru. Now, Saran’s magic is gone and the careful wall she built around Keleir’s heart splinters. Powerless and desperate, Saran struggles to see her rebellion finished and stop Keleir from becoming the Vel d’Ekaru–The Living God. Vivid and immersive, Kaytalin Platt’s debut fantasy series introduces readers to a fierce and extraordinary love–with heroine and hero battling their way to each other through magic, political intrigue, and doomed destinies.

About the World:
The story is set in what the inhabitants call The First, a medieval-fantasy style world of magic, and one of three known universes accessible by Mages through portals called Gates. The First exists alongside The Second, a modern day Earth, and The Third, a futuristic wasteland of overpopulated cities and pollution.

About the Series:
The Living God is the first in a four-book fantasy/science fiction series about Mages who fight to stop an Oruke, a creature forged from the excess matter left over at the birth of a universe, from collapsing dimensions upon themselves in order to form a single, perfect one for his kind.

Think... D&D meets Sliders (TV show). Magic and multiverses!

About the Author:
Kaytalin Platt is a writer, illustrator, and graphic designer. She has been writing for many years and has helped others fulfill their publishing dreams as a publication designer and content editor.