Good morning everyone!

I’m so excited to tell you that we have a release date of September 4th, 2018 for Inkshares backers and a public release date of September 25th, 2018, right before my birthday! 

I know you all have waited a long time, but we are finally in the home stretch. I’ll give you more updates along the way. I’ll also finally be reaching out to those of you owed a promotional item. I’ve been holding off on them, because for a while there I grew concerned over whether the book would stay with Inkshares or not.

To be honest, there wasn’t a lot of communication from the staff once I turned the manuscript over, and I began to ponder other publishing options do to fear that the book may not see the light of day without another avenue. So, I held off on spending money on the promotional items when backers could inevitably be refunded their money. However, now that publication is secured and I’m receiving more communication from Inkshares, the concern of having to find a new publisher has been alleviated and I can now begin filling those promotional items promised.

Hello everyone!

I’m terribly sorry about being MIA. I’m sure some of you have been wondering where your promo items are, as well as the book.

The plan is for promo items to be out before Christmas. I know I promised sooner, but this year threw me a few curve balls that have been enormous stumbling blocks. The largest of all was my father being diagnosed with cancer. He ultimately passed away last month. It has been extremely difficult for me, as he was my buddy. But, each day I gather courage and strength to move forward and accomplish the goals I know he would have wanted for me to work towards. So, promos will be out before Christmas.

As far as the book goes, I’ll be honest… I’m not entirely sure what is going on with it. I sent an email out today asking if I could find out a status. I submitted it in July along with all the questionnaire information, but I haven’t really heard anything else about it. I know Inkshares has been swamped, so I didn’t want to be pushy. Once I hear anything, I’ll give you an update.

Thanks everyone, and I really do appreciate your patience.

Much love,

Hello, everyone! 

The manuscript is in Inkshares’ hands, delivered to them this past Monday! It is very exciting. From here, it is an estimated six months before it could be in your hands. So, that means you will either receive the book at the end of this year or very early next year! I’m sorry it took so long, but I wanted to make sure my beta readers could help me polish it up nicely for you. 

I’ve already begun work on book two, and so far my go-to-beta is loving it. That has me super pumped. 

Sidenote:  Consider supporting Evan Graham and his book Proteus. He’s currently in the Nerdist publishing contest and in 4th place. He needs to get into 3rd in order to win the contest and get the full publishing deal, and potentially movie and tv rights. You’d be helping a really nice person who is super passionate about what he does. 

About the book: Cyborg soldier Jacob Sicarius awakens early from stasis to find the crew of his multi-generational colony ship entrenched in civil war. Can he win the war against the mutineers and the malfunctioning AI implant fighting for control over his brain? Sounds cool right? Let’s help him when that contest!

Click here to support Proteus! https://www.inkshares.com/books/proteus

Good morning everyone! 

 This isn’t so much an update as it is offering an article I wrote to help authors better market themselves and their book. I know that there are a lot more authors on Inkshares who sponsored The Living God than there are readers. These are insider tips from a publication designer with seven years of experience but really pertain to people who are self-publishing. While Inkshares isn’t necessarily self-publishing, these tips can help you with marketing your book during the campaign.

 Check out the article below. 


Hello, everyone! 

If you qualified for a giveaway during Funding, I’ll be messaging you in the next month for your address so I can get that to you! 

In the next two weeks, I’ll be passing the manuscript off to Inkshares for publication. That is exciting as well as terrifying. After I pass it off, it will be around 6 months before the novel is in your hands. I’m 11 chapters into the rewrite of the sequel, The Book of Kings. I’d share it with you but... spoilers. I’m not sure when to start sharing information on the second novel. I’d like for the first one to land in your hands before I start sharing chapters or synopsises for the next one, for obvious spoiler reasons. A lot happens towards the end of The Living God, and I wouldn’t want to ruin it for you. 

 I also noted a cool little thing at the top of The Living God page. It is the 16th best selling Fantasy book on Inkshares. Do you think we could get it in the Top 5 once it’s in print? Hmm... 

I’ll be in touch! 

Hello everyone!

It has been a pretty long time since I made an update. January hit and life sort of exploded. I changed jobs to one with a ton of responsibilities and have been put on various committees that require a lot of brain power, I moved to a different state, went on a vacation, and a host of other exciting, and not so exciting life events have happened. Most recently, finding out my dad has cancer. Thankfully, it is curable. 

Now that life is finally settling into a rhythm I can manage, I’m going to work on collecting the address of everyone who qualified for a giveaway. I’d like to get those out to you by the end of spring. 

The book is going through the last round of beta reading. I’m terribly sorry, I’ve forgotten who all asked to help beta it. If you were someone who was interested, you can shoot me a DM. But, it is definitely crunch time. Inkshares is ready for the manuscript, so I’d like to get it to them by the end of May. It is a personal goal that I’m going to try my best to achieve. From the moment I pass it off to them, I think it is estimated that it could take six months to produce. Maybe, if we are lucky, you guys will get it at the end of the year? 

I’ve already started work on book two. As I mentioned in previous updates, these books were already written, but are undergoing serious rewrites. The ideas are there, I’ve just got to get them down and down right. 

Again, thank you for your support! 

- Kaytalin

The Living God has a new cover! Thank you to everyone who voted and left comments that helped make these better. I liked both covers so much, and since I did like them so much, I’ve decided to use them both! After all, this is a series, and I have four books to make covers four. So, I present to you the new book cover for The Living God, and the official cover (and title) of the second novel. 


Hey everyone!

Thanks for casting your vote for the covers. I’ve narrowed the field and made some changes based off suggestions from the voters. Below is the link to the final face-off between the two. Cast your vote by liking your favorite cover! Also, while you’re on the Facebook page, how about giving it a like? 


Hey Everyone!

I just wanted to let you in on the Facebook poll for the new cover. As I mentioned before, as much as I love the illustration, from the comments I received it wasn’t sending the message that I would like. So, I’m experimenting with a photo-manipulated cover, which is pretty much the standard for a lot of covers these days.

To cast your vote, click the link below and like the one(s) that are your favorite. While you’re on my author Facebook page, why not give it a like?

Hello everyone!

I want to apologize for being MIA for the last two months. Things have been rather crazy in life, with the holidays. But, I was also offered a new job as the lead graphic designer for 117-year-old engineering firm. I’m going to be heading up (starting up, really) the department. So, I’ve been spending the last few weeks getting all the loose ends tied up at my current job. On top of that, my fiance and I are looking at wedding venues and preparing to move in three months. Needless to say, I’ve been a bit out of sorts.

I can officially say we are getting published because now we have a brand spanking new layout in Inkshares and it is no longer the funding page! That is so exciting! I’ve got to take down the incentives and get those out to everyone. Fancy mugs are in for those spectacular backers who bought 10 copies. I’m ordering the bookmarks and posters to send out to the other backers tomorrow, so I’ll be contacting you for your address so that I can send you your incentives! 

Inkshares contacted me, but I have no real deadline for when the book will be published. Right now, they are working through a backlog, so it may be some time. The book is finished and it is almost completely edited after passing the first round of beta readers. As soon as I finish these edits I will be passing it off to the second round of beta readers. (If you’ve contacted me about beta reading, again, I haven’t forgotten)

I’ll be contacting those that I owe covers very shortly (today, hopefully) to discuss jumping back in to work on those. I’m looking forward to helping you guys out with them, and I apologize for the delay. 

For quicker updates, go like my Facebook Page! You’ll find lots of links to other books that I’ve done covers for, you’ll get up-to-date news about the book, the editing process, and sneak peaks!  https://www.facebook.com/KaytalinPlattAuthor/  Also, follow me on Twitter. https://twitter.com/KaytalinPlatt

That’s the end of the updates, so I’m going to move on to the sentimental, mushy, oversharing stuff that isn’t necessarily important to your interests, but still something I’d like to say. Rather, I’d like to share with you so that, if you are like me, you might not feel so alone in the weird need to disbelieve in the achievements you’ve made.

I suffer from imposter syndrome and have for pretty much a majority of my life and in everything that I do. If you don’t know what imposter syndrome is, it is where, no matter how well you do or what you achieve, you always feel like a fraud and that, eventually, everyone will realize how really crappy you are. Someone with imposter syndrome spends their life achieving things and expecting "the other shoe to drop". 

So, I’ve got an amazing fiance, I’m gaining a wonderful family, a company actually thinks I’m good enough to start a graphics department and gave me a job out of the blue, and a book that I’ve dreamed about for the last 10+ years is going to be published. All of this culminating in the last six months or so, really kicked the imposter syndrome into overdrive.

I’ve wanted to write to tell you how much being published means to me, but I’ve been afraid to acknowledge it is really happening. It’s even harder to look people in the eye when they congratulate me in person. It’s not that I’m not grateful, just genuinely afraid that I don’t deserve it or that what I’ve loved and created is unworthy. It is definitely something I need to work on, and I am. 

So, in moving past the imposter syndrome, let me tell you how incredibly happy I am. Let me acknowledge that happiness, let me announce it to you and to the world, and not be afraid. Nothing is ever perfect, least of all books. But, when you’ve worked so hard for something, when you’ve dreamed and fought and spent every spare second you had working on it, even people with imposter syndrome deserve to celebrate those accomplishments. I’ve day-dreamed half my life about sharing stories with the world, and you all made it possible.

Thank you. From the bottom of the heart, forever and always, thank you.  

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