Kaytalin Platt's latest update for The Living God

Oct 17, 2018

Hey guys!

The Living God finished its 3rd round of dev edits a few weeks ago. I’m waiting to hear about next steps, I suspect it will go back through a copy edit. I’m also anxiously awaiting the new cover! I haven’t seen or heard anything yet.

In the meantime, while you await the release of the book in March 2019, I’m posting chapters of a book I started working on a while back before getting The Living God published took up a majority of my free time. It was my NaNoWriMo project for 2014! I dusted it off and I’m polishing it up for you. Check it out! Be sure to follow to get updates on new chapters.

The Seven Kings of Purgatory

Nina learned two things when she woke in Purgatory: Death was dead and she’d been there many times before. 

With no one to usher the dead to their proper resting place, Nina has been trapped in a cycle of death and rebirth. Having burned through her allotted reincarnations, she must find a way to right the natural course of Purgatory, or risk fading out of existence forever.