Kaytalin Platt's latest update for The Living God

Jun 21, 2017

Hello, everyone! 

The manuscript is in Inkshares’ hands, delivered to them this past Monday! It is very exciting. From here, it is an estimated six months before it could be in your hands. So, that means you will either receive the book at the end of this year or very early next year! I’m sorry it took so long, but I wanted to make sure my beta readers could help me polish it up nicely for you. 

I’ve already begun work on book two, and so far my go-to-beta is loving it. That has me super pumped. 

Sidenote:  Consider supporting Evan Graham and his book Proteus. He’s currently in the Nerdist publishing contest and in 4th place. He needs to get into 3rd in order to win the contest and get the full publishing deal, and potentially movie and tv rights. You’d be helping a really nice person who is super passionate about what he does. 

About the book: Cyborg soldier Jacob Sicarius awakens early from stasis to find the crew of his multi-generational colony ship entrenched in civil war. Can he win the war against the mutineers and the malfunctioning AI implant fighting for control over his brain? Sounds cool right? Let’s help him when that contest!

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