The setting in this story is brilliant, expertly combining elements of high fantasy, urban fantasy, and dystopian sci-fi in ways that feel complimentary and natural. The idea of a primordial abomination seeking godhood as an antagonist is inspired, raising the stakes at the onset of the story and keeping them high for the duration. The writing is gripping, the characters are relatable and dynamic, and the story is smart and original. I'm hooked already, and I'm eager to see more!
Jay Lockwood
Hooked from the first paragraph. The Living God promises to grab hold of you tight until you finished the last word.
G. A. Finocchiaro
There are some books you pick up that have a feel to them from the very beginning. They feel inviting, and interesting, and make you want to read more. This book has that feel, and I'm looking forward to it.
Maggie West Bean
What an original concept with must-turn-the-next-page power. A well-balanced mixture of fantasy genres that is sure to please. Bravo!
There is definite talent in the writing of this book. Particularly, I like how the magic takes something out of the mage and isn't just power without consequence. This is a book that would call me back to read it over and over.
Joseph Asphahani
This fantasy story looks extremely interesting. Not all stories need fancy devices to manipulate Time. Magic works just as well.
Karen Kenyon
Wow, what a poetic opening... followed immediately by dramatic action. Can't wait to read more!
Pontus Karsten
After having read through the first two chapters, this book definitely has my attention. It most certainly has the just one more page before I put it down feeling that every writer hopes to accomplish. I'm looking forward to reading the rest of it as soon as I have time. Definitely and undoubtedly a book I would recommend.
Pontus Karsten
Just one more page feeling. Read it!
Jamison Stone
Sounds like a really cool book premise! I look forward to learning more!