Quick note: my novel has a few footnotes in the prologue and first chapter. After that, you probably won’t see anymore. But please read them since they definitely are needed to move the story forward. I promise I used them sparingly =)

Ok! So this novel began as a "weekend" project about a year ago. I was watching a Discovery show about artificial intelligence and they were discussing the potential (theoretical) advancements of AI. There was a consensus that AI would one day be able to think for itself, but it would always be limited by the inability to be self-aware.

With that proposition, my brain went into overdrive. What would happen if a humanoid’s AI did become self-aware? Would it destroy itself? Would it evolve into something fantastic? Or would it panic.

I mashed that all up in my blender of a brain and spit out this novel. I currently have 350 pages written and I am currently going back through each chapter and revising (which we know will never actually be final). But when the chapter is uploaded, that is me considering the chapter final, until a revision comes along...haha.

I hope you take great pleasure in reading these chapters as I spit them out. And as always, I welcome feedback of any sorts!