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’The Life Engineered’ is the story of a race of sentient robots called ’Capeks’. They are the decendants of humanity on both a physical and philosophical level. Before humanity disappeared from the galaxy, they left their children with the tools to build a utopia. That paradise is shattered when an important Capek is murdered leaving Dagir, a newly created robot to investigate the terrible act before the whole Capek race spirals into a civil war that could burn the Milky Way to proverbial ashes.


Chapter 1, 2 and the first parts of chapter 3

About the author

Telling stories is what I both do best and enjoy most in life. Even as a graphic designer and brand specialist, I’m always looking for the narrative in whatever project I’m working on. I look at logos and designs and ask "what’s the story here?".

It took me a while but about half a decade ago I finally started writing novels. After five books I’ve finally got one that I’m not just satisfied with but proud of and now I just want to write an entire series from that universe.

Like many aspiring authors, I dream of being able to concentrate on writing, not for fame and fortune but because I want to tell all my stories.

About The Life Engineered

’The Life Engineered’ is not a work in progress. It is a finished book. By pledging to support it you’re helping me reach a wider audience, improve the editing and most importantly, support the writing of a sequel.

With ’The Life Engineered’, I strive to go back to a more optimistic view of the future. I look to artificial intelligence not as a threat to human survival but rather as a step towards a brighter future. Tropes are spun on their heads and classic concepts are cast under a new light, all the while focusing on compelling characters.

While all the characters after the first chapter are robots, all of them feel human. These are not emergent A.I. who do not know how to love but rather sentient construct built in our image. ’The Life Engineered’ introduces you to their world and their struggles and to how alien their existence can be but also how familiar their challenges when dealing with one another.