I grew up longing to live in the woods, but ended up living in a city. For 20 of my 24 years of life, I made up stories to tell myself about the world and objects around me. Not because I thought reality was more or less than I could accept. But because I loved to imagine fantastical worlds and the powers that shape them. Watching visual and narrative movies and shows growing up helped for my creative writing later on.

The first concept of the world of the Legends of Helaeron came about from watching Conan the Barbarian.  A movie that held a style of fantasy I would enjoy forever.  I was inspired even more when I later learned that the world of Conan was bigger than what we saw on screen.  And when I learned the vast history of Middle-Earth.  I knew I couldn’t go another day without putting together a world of my own.  Ordered and shaped to be both a tribute to the vast worlds of fantasy that came before it, and as a place I could find myself in.

The Legends of Helaeron is a multi-series I had planned to write around five heroes.  Each hero will have books entirely dedicated to their own stories, and struggles.  Which will culminate in a final series to conclude the chronicle. The Fall of Dusk is the first book to begin the story of the Knight Paladin, Ahrom of Telshire.  A warrior priest fresh from his final ordaining ceremony. Yet did not shy away from the conflict that rages at the southern border dividing his country, the Kingdom of Dekmire, from the world hungry Ramian empire in the south who dream of conquering all the lands and races of Men and enslaving all Non-Humans.  Where the story begins, Ahrom has fought in several battles.  But begins to see why Paladins are not soldiers.  But behind his revelation followed an incident that held a grim portent of things to come.