Fascinated by the mythology, and apparent evidence of Prince Madog’s presence in America in the sixth century, I researched the history and legend before deciding to first write a screenplay, which went on to win or place in more than a dozen screenwriting contests.

During future research, I uncovered stunning connections and overlaps between the many and varied Grail mythologies across the globe and throughout history, and came to believe they may have all evolved from a common source. I continued to explore hidden truths in these ancient legends, and how they are tied to ancient mysticism and modern physics, and began to incorporate these ideas into my revisions. I also adapted my screenplay to a 75,000 word novel.

Blending history, fantasy, romance and adventure, The Legend of Madog is the inspiring story of one man’s journey to discover not just an ancient relic, but the true meaning and magic of the Grail in a way that only the human experience can reveal.