In the beginning, all was still. In the wings of darkness, there was no life, nor was there death. In the embrace of the universe, darkness rested. Light was created in the first breath, and with light came balance. It did not take long for that balance to be shattered...

Normal, average, and safe. Those were the three words Kira would have used to describe her life prior to her eighteenth birthday. She soon learns that fate had other ideas for her and her two best friends, Lakia and Erin. Her life as she knew it is ripped away, attempts are made on her life, and everything she cherished is taken. Her only salvation is a mysterious stranger, who has some knowledge of the secrets that her mother has kept for all her life.

Kira is left with only one option. To escape a fate worse than death, she must travel across the country with her friends to find the answers they all seek. In doing so, she falls headlong into a world she never knew existed... The Realm of Light.

About the World

The journey begins on modern day Earth, but then progresses into what is called The Realm of Light, a domain within The Realms (pockets of the universe that contain other worlds). The sacred Realm of Light is home to many fantastical races including Elves, Dwarves, Shapeshifters, Druids and many more. Wondrous magical power is granted to those worthy as well as to those willing to put in the time to master it.

The Idea

This is an idea that Carol came up with ten years ago. It was a passion project as a teenager, that she never got to finish. It went untouched for half a decade until they started development of the world and lore from scratch two years ago. At 93k words and 26 chapters thus far, the book is close to finished.

About the Authors

Carol and Brennan have been friends ever since they were in diapers. They have always pushed each other to be their best, and now are trying their hand at writing together. This is Carol’s first novel. Brennan has published one on Amazon, and has many more in the editing stages.