About the Author:

I’ve long held a fascination with creating worlds and imagining the characters composing them. It’s part of what drew me so easily into the worlds of the novels I grew up reading. I made it my personal motto to never narrow my horizons when it came to the material and reading I exposed myself to. If there was something that intrigued me about the story, whether it be the cover drawing my eye, the excerpt on the back or simply reading the first chapter, I’ve discovered more than my fair share of authors whom I’ve come to love and follow through the years.

I first realized that I enjoyed writing when I found myself exposed to text-based role playing through the help of an online community and learned that I could accomplish amazing things through the power of words. Through trial and error, I improved, became better and eventually wished to try my hand at something more challenging. I’ve written poetry, short stories and even tried my hand at lyrics for a song once. Nothing seemed to draw me in as much as writing..as creating worlds for my stories.

About the Story:

The Last Skycity  is the story of a fallible man caught in the lies of his forefathers and forced to find the truth of his city’s beginning. It’s a subtle blend of steampunk, fantasy and fiction. Man has taken to the skies in monstrous cities powered by steam when the earth was covered with water. Many years have passed since the original seven cities took to the clouds. War has reduced the number to one.