RT Book Reviews
The Last Machine in the Solar System is pure science fiction at its best.
Word of the Nerd
With so much to explore, learn, and contemplate this book is worth reading for its impact on the human consciousness and an exploration of our own humanity.
The Bibliofool
Matthew Isaac Sobin’s novella is a beautiful, mournful, elegiac meditation on humanity.... Illustrator Jack Katz also contributes gorgeous artwork to accompany the narrative. Just an exceptional read all around.
Sci-Fi And Scary
The writing is smooth and rich. Almost decadent at times.
Geek Dad
The Last Machine in the Solar System Examines Humanity’s End
Ret Read Podcast
Reminiscent of the Foundation and Robot series of Asimov.
Elan Samuel, Reviewer at The Warbler
The Last Machine in the Solar System is a heartfelt lament to hubris, a poetic account of 'what might happen when.' Sobin has something beautiful here, worth paying close attention to.
Melissa Berg
Simply put: I love this. A beautiful and philosophic view of the end of all things through the eyes and memory of a machine made by man. The reader has immediate sympathy for this AI who has been programmed to not only feel and understand his given emotions, but to live billions of years longer than anything ever made. We view the life he lived through his silent and lonely contemplation of man's beauty and flaws. I can't wait to read more and find out what his conclusions will be. Along with this wonderful writing you have the art work of Jack Katz, a style that hails to the visuals of Ralph McQuarrie and other artists of the 70s, mostly because Jack Katz WAS one of those very artists. This is a book that NEEDS to be funded. Preorder today!
Dave Barrett , Author of It's All Fun and Games
Beautifully written - the prose flows naturally and is a pleasure to read. The narrator's isolation is palpable, and I immediately felt empathy for the poor thing, all alone, despite its own acceptance of its fate. I really like this.
Mike Donald
In writing this story Matthew has taken astronomic science, normally a dry and barren landscape of facts and figures, and transformed it into an intellectual piece of hallucinogenic prose. With such style and passion underlying the story one cannot but help being swept along the corridors of glittering descriptive passages that flicker amongst the stars surrounding the plot as it draws our mind into its clutches like an asteroid into a wormhole...buy this book now and save yourself a fortune on mind altering substances.