Greetings, Faoii. There’s something we need to talk about before it blows up larger than it already has. 

Two days ago I wrote an uplifting or at least solidarity-type post about depression on my Facebook page. Many people (including more than a few Inkshares authors) saw and commented on the post. Almost everyone was incredibly supportive, grateful, or kind. One person, however, said some very infuriating and hurtful things, and I took a stand to show support for people that have had to listen and endure such harmful rhetoric on a regular basis. Dozens of you chose to stand with me. Friends, loved ones, and so many of you wonderful Faoii drove him off of multiple posts using facts, logic, and a fair amount of sarcasm. 

Then, within 24 hours, I received this terrible piece of hate mail through a burner e-mail on Inkshares. (I’m sorry for the language. I blurred the worst of it out).

Now, this is the important part. Even though certain parties seem suspicious given the timing and nature of the mail, there is currently no evidence about who this came from, and as such, I am asking that you do NOT confront anyone on the matter. We are better than that. Even if there was evidence we could direct our anger towards, they can’t do anything more than start a smear campaign or throw one-star reviews on Faoii’s Amazon page, anyway. And we are stronger than that, too. 

So, be on the lookout, my warriors. We may have to be vigilant if we want to keep from being drowned in lies and slander. But also remember that a poorly written, vitriolic death threat from a petty soul on the internet is just one of the signs that we are starting to be known. I choose to see this as a good sign.

Shields up.


Listen up, Faoii! This is the most exciting missive to date!

The Last Faoii came out 6 months ago today. Even before it was a real book, even before we were worried about typesetting and Amazon reviews, hundreds of you chose to stand up and fight for this novel to become real. It’s because of you that this entire thing exists, and I am still so honored to be a part of this army. Look at what we’ve achieved, Faoii. Look at what you’ve done:

Do you see that, Faoii? 500 copies sold! It seems like yesterday I was staying up all night worried we’d never reach the bare minimum required for publication. I should have never doubted you, my warriors. And look! Only 3 reviews away from the magic 50 on Amazon. 50 reviews means greater visibility and being part of the "also bought" marketing tool, which will only help our army to grow stronger. We’re so close, Faoii. Only a few more steps and that hill is ours! Let’s finish this.

This last month has been exciting for other reasons too, Faoii. I’ve started preparing for summer events and signings. Here’s just a glimpse of what’s to come as I take our fight to the streets. I promise you, Faoii: They will know us.


And the best is yet to come. Maybe next month I’ll be able to show you the thing our army has been missing all this time. :)

Until then, Faoii, keep spreading the word. A single "like" or "share" on Facebook or a single retweet on Twitter could make all the difference in the world. And, of course, reviews on Amazon and Goodreads are always called for. Pick up that sword, Faoii. I could not have gotten this far without you, and I can’t keep moving forward without you, either. The fight is not over. I need you. This army needs you. Failure is not an option.

Until next month. Shields up.

At ease, Faoii. No orders today, only words.

Today is my 29th birthday. And I wanted, once again, to thank you. I didn’t expect to see this. But look at how much we’ve accomplished. Because of you, I’ve published a book. I’ve got to hold it in my hands. I’ve signed dozens of copies for people that were just as excited as I was. I’ve received e-mails and messages from people who just wanted to say thank you, and I feel like I should have forwarded every one of those messages on to you. Because you’re the reason The Last Faoii is real. 

I want to specifically thank all the people that pre-ordered a copy of The Last Faoii all those months ago. Your initial push was the reason we brought our army this far at all. Without your pre-orders, The Last Faoii would still be sitting on my shelf, gathering dust. And I also want to thank everyone that’s left a review thus far. We are so close to 50, and it will be because of your continued effort that The Last Faoii becomes something more than what it currently is.

I can’t believe everything that’s happened in a year. And I can’t wait to see what wonders I’ll be able to thank you for a year from now.

Keep those shields up, Faoii. If nothing else, this year I’ve learned that the fight is never finished. And I wouldn’t change that for anything.


Oh, yeah. I also got a new sword for my birthday. Isn’t it beautiful?

Updates, Faoii! Listen up! 

  The Last Faoii has been out for 5 months, Faoii! Look at what we’ve done! Look at how much we’ve grown in just the last month alone!

We’re still pushing for those 50 Amazon reviews. Only 9 more to go. Let’s get there. The 6 month mark seems like the milestone for that goal. 

Also, if you live near Montana (or want to visit) there’s a Renaissance Festival in Billings on June 2nd and 3rd. I’ll be there, selling and signing copies, and wearing my brand new set of armor. Come say hi! You can bring the copy you already have with you and I’ll sign it, too. I won’t be at Miscon this year, but will aim for next year instead. Sorry for the disappointment.

Need the Amazon link so you can leave your review? CLICK HERE. If you’ve never left a review before, let me know and I’ll send you a step-by-step guide with pictures. It takes all of us to win the war.

Oh! We also got our first-ever One-Star Review on Goodreads. At first I was kind of upset, but I’ve decided it’s actually a great review, so I’m leaving it. Haha! If you have a Goodreads account, consider leaving a review there, too, especially since our rating has plummeted with that one star. Or helping us climb the ranks in This List. As of right now, we’re #30, but if you think The Last Faoii is a diverse book worthy of recognition, then vote for it. Let’s let the world know who we are.

Shields up. The fight’s not over yet.

Months Status Report, Faoii! Look at these numbers:

If you couldn’t already guess, I am so pleased, my warriors. We have done so much in so short of time. I know that it’s been a battle every step of the way-- Hell, even I thought some of those hills were insurmountable. But we’ve done it. And we’re just going to keep forging ahead!

As more of you finish reading the story, I’m still requesting your help in getting our reviews up on the Amazon page. It doesn’t have to be a 4 or 5-star review. In fact, more than anything, I just want it to be honest. I’m already seeing some of my flaws as an author as I make reference to the original story during my work on the sequel, and your input will only help me to be even better moving forward. And if you think it’s worthy of a high rating, please help me by telling me why. Some of the things that I had no particular feelings towards turned out to be fan favorites, so I’m still learning things on both sides of the spectrum.

If you didn’t get a chance to be part of my live #AMA feed, you can look through all of the questions and answers by clicking here. It’s not "live" anymore, but you can still add your own questions and I’ll still answer them. Or you can still share the story with others you think might be interested in it. There were a lot of deep, worthy questions, and I made sure to keep my answers honest and heartfelt. Give it a look.  

I think that’s it for this month, Faoii. I’ll send out another status report in March, but if anything important or exciting happens between then and now you’ll get a missive about it. You can also follow my Facebook page if you want more regular updates. 

As always, I thank you again for standing so strong and getting us this far. The war isn’t over and I still need your help in spreading word of our army, but I have no doubt that we can do it. We are Faoii, after all.

Shields up.


Hey, Faoii. Want to see a sneak peek of Faoii Betrayer? Click here. 

Faoii! I have updates!

I know I said I wasn’t going to call you back to barracks for another month, but then I got 2 exciting missives and I had to share them with you! Here we go!

First, I just got an e-mail and a 5-Star Review from the incredibly talented Jerry Oltion (Click to see his Wikipedia page)Oltion has won the Nebula Award, the Seiun Award, the Endeavor Award, has been nominated for the Hugo Award twice, and he enjoyed our story, Faoii. Look at this review he gave: 


Gah! Doesn’t that just make you want to lift your sword and bash a Croeli over the head with it? Let me hear your battlecry, Faoii!

Second, I’ve been asked by AMAfeed to host a Q&A session on January 26. It will run for 48 hours (starting at 6 p.m.) and I’ll be answering the questions live, but you can post anything you want ahead of time if you’re not sure you’re going to be available on those days. I’d be happy to talk about basically anything you can think of-- after all, AMA stands for Ask Me Anything! 

Here’s the link for that. I’ll remind you all again before the date, but definitely share that info with any aspiring authors you have out there. A year ago, I was right where they are. Maybe I can help them like so many of you have helped me.

That’s it for now, Faoii. Keep those shields up. I’ll talk to you again soon.


Greetings, Faoii! 

Today marks 3 months since publication. 3 Months, Faoii! And look at how far our army has come in that time! But we’re not done yet. More soldiers have been seeking our banner as they hear of our tale, and I expect that to continue as word spreads. But I can’t keep up the recruitment on my own. I need YOUR help to make every one of those numbers up above to rise a little higher. I’ll be putting various links at the bottom of this missive. Follow our banner and support our cause where it suits you, but make sure you don’t put down your sword yet. This fight is far from over. People WILL know us. 

Let’s see how much greater we’ll be a month from now. See you then.


Inkshares Link (To send to your friends who want to read excerpts and watch the trailer)

Amazon Link (leave a review)

Goodreads Link (Rate/Review)

Faoii Facebook Page


Greetings, Faoii!

First and foremost, Faoii, I want to thank you all for such an amazing year. So much has happened and changed during 2017 that I can’t even begin to recap it here. But you know what you’ve done to help me succeed--to help me keep going even when I didn’t think I could anymore. Now The Last Faoii is a real book and is in many of your hands. We’ve sold 387 copies according to Inkshares, and we’ve hit 30 reviews on Amazon. I can’t even believe it. A year ago, I didn’t think I’d ever see this book be real, and now I nearly cry just thinking about how far we’ve come. 

If you celebrate any sort of holiday around this time-- whether it be the Solstice, Yule, Christmas, or something else-- or even if you don’t celebrate anything at all, I hope that you find joy and beauty in your life and those you’ve surrounded yourself with. Because the world is beautiful, and you’ve helped me to achieve something magnificent-- I hope your own dreams prove to be as attainable. 

Keep those shields up, Faoii. I love you all.


Here’s a look at what you’ve made possible. Thank you again.

Greetings, Faoii! Exciting update!

Our army’s first major reading is coming up on December 6. This will be The Last Faoii’s first public appearance since the launch party-- and thus the first one I expect for new people to attend. Reviews and orders have grown stagnant, and this might be the perfect thing to get people interested in our fight again. The holidays are coming, and I KNOW that The Last Faoii would make a worthy gift for many people out there-- but they need to know about it, first. Thus, I need YOUR help to spread the word. I’ll be raffling off 3 signed copies of the book at the reading. Come to Beautiful Montana and win one! 

Shields up


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