Tahani Nelson's latest update for The Last Faoii

Apr 7, 2018

Greetings, Faoii. There’s something we need to talk about before it blows up larger than it already has. 

Two days ago I wrote an uplifting or at least solidarity-type post about depression on my Facebook page. Many people (including more than a few Inkshares authors) saw and commented on the post. Almost everyone was incredibly supportive, grateful, or kind. One person, however, said some very infuriating and hurtful things, and I took a stand to show support for people that have had to listen and endure such harmful rhetoric on a regular basis. Dozens of you chose to stand with me. Friends, loved ones, and so many of you wonderful Faoii drove him off of multiple posts using facts, logic, and a fair amount of sarcasm. 

Then, within 24 hours, I received this terrible piece of hate mail through a burner e-mail on Inkshares. (I’m sorry for the language. I blurred the worst of it out).

Now, this is the important part. Even though certain parties seem suspicious given the timing and nature of the mail, there is currently no evidence about who this came from, and as such, I am asking that you do NOT confront anyone on the matter. We are better than that. Even if there was evidence we could direct our anger towards, they can’t do anything more than start a smear campaign or throw one-star reviews on Faoii’s Amazon page, anyway. And we are stronger than that, too. 

So, be on the lookout, my warriors. We may have to be vigilant if we want to keep from being drowned in lies and slander. But also remember that a poorly written, vitriolic death threat from a petty soul on the internet is just one of the signs that we are starting to be known. I choose to see this as a good sign.

Shields up.