Tahani Nelson's latest update for The Last Faoii

May 3, 2018

Greetings, Faoii! It’s been another month, and this one has been our best one to date! Look at what we’ve done, my warriors!

Do you see that? 345 copies in one month. For every one of you that spread the word and left a review-- I thank you. This is your doing, and thus I raise my mug.

Actually, if you’d like to raise a mug or drinking horn with me in person, consider coming to The Montana Renaissance Festival in Billings on June 2 and 3rd. It’s at Zoo Montana, and I’ll be there with books, a booth, a quill, and a brand new set of armor. I would love to meet some of you in person, Faoii. Put a face to the warriors that have carried us so far. 

One more thing: If you haven’t already followed Faoii Betrayer do so now! We’re going to make this sequel real one way or another. But sequels only matter if people know the original book is out there. Keep shouting your battle-cry, Faoii. Tell the world! Rate, review, share! Ask your local library if they can get a copy in. Give The Last Faoii as gifts. Faoii Betrayer will never become real if people aren’t excited, but we know that they should be excited. You’ve seen Faoii-Kaiya’s journey. You know she’s worthy of your support. Keep pushing. Let me hear your battle-cry!

And, as always-- Keep those shields up.