Tahani Nelson's latest update for The Last Faoii

Mar 14, 2018

At ease, Faoii. No orders today, only words.

Today is my 29th birthday. And I wanted, once again, to thank you. I didn’t expect to see this. But look at how much we’ve accomplished. Because of you, I’ve published a book. I’ve got to hold it in my hands. I’ve signed dozens of copies for people that were just as excited as I was. I’ve received e-mails and messages from people who just wanted to say thank you, and I feel like I should have forwarded every one of those messages on to you. Because you’re the reason The Last Faoii is real. 

I want to specifically thank all the people that pre-ordered a copy of The Last Faoii all those months ago. Your initial push was the reason we brought our army this far at all. Without your pre-orders, The Last Faoii would still be sitting on my shelf, gathering dust. And I also want to thank everyone that’s left a review thus far. We are so close to 50, and it will be because of your continued effort that The Last Faoii becomes something more than what it currently is.

I can’t believe everything that’s happened in a year. And I can’t wait to see what wonders I’ll be able to thank you for a year from now.

Keep those shields up, Faoii. If nothing else, this year I’ve learned that the fight is never finished. And I wouldn’t change that for anything.


Oh, yeah. I also got a new sword for my birthday. Isn’t it beautiful?