Evan Graham
Few action fantasy stories would dare aspire to be half as epic as The Last Faoii. Every gritty page expertly immerses the reader in the brutal world of the Faoii. You can hear the sounds of battle, smell the sweat and blood, feel the fatigue of war between every line. Kaiya-faoii stands poised to become a legend among women, not merely in her own world, but in ours. She's one of the toughest, strongest fighters in all of fiction, a truly inspirational, empowering protagonist the likes of which our world very much needs. Raise your shields and brace for battle, because this book is set to conquer the literary world.
Stephen Carignan
Engaging and vivid, the world of The Last Faoii is compelling with its lore. I always enjoy diving into a new world and this author makes it easy to jump in with both feet. Starting with an thrilling combat scene, this work paces itself expertly and is sure to enjoy. 
J. Danielle Dorn
A complex lady protagonist, friendship, and violence... everything you could possibly want from a fantasy novel, with a fresh voice from an author who knows what she's doing.
Zac Thompson
Powerful and impactful prose centered around an irresistible fantasy premise. I can't get enough.
Amanda Tester
The Last Faoii redefines modern fantasy. Finally we have a protagonist that can bolster young girls no matter their age, background, or sexuality. Gone are the days of bikini mail and helpless princesses. It could not have come soon enough.
Christopher Lee
Nelson grips you with gritty, bone-crunching, blood-soaked action right off the bat! The action is paced in such a way that you can feel the confusion of battle.  Gore, smoke, and smog punctuate the darkness as you are drawn into the conflict from the get go. This one should be on your radar!
Joseph Parcell
With battle sequences and imagery reminiscent of Tolkien, The Last Faoii gets your blood moving; you can almost hear the swords clashing and shields breaking as your eyes scan the page. Tahani has created an amazing world, one I cannot wait to visit.  Keep your eyes on this one.
Nicholas Wills
Tahani has one of the most compelling styles I have ever read.
Penny S
Beautiful and dark, The Last Faoii introduces an entire culture of strong, determined women. Embodying all of the qualities I want my daughters to learn, Faoii-Kaiya is the character that will usher in the next era of fantasy literature.
Jane-Holly Meissner
The Last Faoii is an epic fantasy adventure underpinned with real emotion and strong characters - you won't want to miss out on this one.