Reader Writer
Great read. Excellent genre material.
Christie LeBlanc
Fantastic! Highly recommend.
John Robin
Knights, zombies and witches. Yeah, love this idea!
Reader Writer
Dig it! Dark supernatural fantasy with an emotional core.
Steve Barr
Really solid genre work.
Sami Cacchione
This is a must read!
Joseph Asphahani
The atmosphere of The Knight Proper draws me in. There's darkness and necromancy and ghosts and mystery, and yet beneath all of this fertile ground for a great story, the theme of family is what really has me hooked and excited to read more. Anyone can easily connect with the strain that societal circumstances can put on family ties, sure, but when there's zombies involved, the storytelling only benefits as far as I'm concerned! If the unique premise of The Knight Proper alone isn't enough to hook you, then lend a couple eyes to the expertly crafted writing that Adam Greven and Matt Deller have placed on their pages. I especially like how these authors blend Mela's inner thoughts with her dialogue. I have a lot to learn from these guys! I cannot wait to read the rest of The Knight Proper. Please help these talented writers fund its publication!
Elizabeth Deller
Great Book!
Reader Writer
Fantastic concept
Reader Writer
Sounds exciting! Can't wait to read it. Love, Gram