The Kingdom of Shadows: The Lost Heir happened a lot like falling in love, at first slowly, then sort of all at once.

The idea of a group of kids who end up on some sort of adventure that they never asked for isn’t new. It’s practically a staple for anyone that grew up in the 80’s (E.T., Goonies, Real Genius, It), not to mention classics like The Chronicles of Narnia and just about every dystopian future book that hits the YA shelves at this point (plus the obvious famous boy wizard).

The idea I had for Albert and his friends was simple: that ’chosen one’ who didn’t feel all that chosen. A special person that seriously doubted how special he was.

Someone awkward, just trying to find their way through being a young person in a world where every mistake has the chance to be chronicled on social media now having to deal the fate of a world potentially revolving around him.

I hope you take some time to get to know him, his friends (and his sister) and enjoy spending time with them as much as I do.