Jane-Holly Meissner
Great dialogue, believable characters, an epic quest, and Albert. Throwing an aggressively normal kid into a fight for a fantasy kingdom is exactly what I like to read and so far this book checks all the boxes for me. Check it out!
Diana Lee Whitie
What?!!!! Only 3 chapters.  You are an incomparable tease, Don Mehwa.  I want more and I want it now.   You can't just leave me hanging here like this.  I mean seriously, I need to know what happens.
And now onto the review:     This author knows how to show rather than tell.   Most of the action happens in dialogue format, with descriptive prose use sparingly and to great effect.   Fast paced read, the first chapter draws you in, the second chapter hooks you and the third leaves you upset that it's over already because clearly there's more story yet to tell.

Pre-order this book.  The pricing is quite reasonable and Don deserves this opportunity to share with the reading world.  I know this will be a fantastic YA novel.
Kaytalin Platt
I identify with Albert! Can't wait to read more about him.