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Hey there folks!  I plan to release this book on Kindle in May or June.  I am considering leaving Inkshares altogether, but I’m struggling with the decision.  

Instead of finishing this book, I wrote a novella called The Barrier.  You can find it on Amazon for pre-order right now.  I love that I got so many people here interested in my work.  Thank you for your kind words.  Come visit me at https://corplord.com and see what I’m up to.
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Guys and Gals - I’ve been incredibly busy and this poor book has festered in the background.  I really do want to get this done and in your hands!  I’ll be back soon with more chapters.  Thanks for all your kind words and patience.

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Wow!  I disappeared for a bit, and come back to find a flurry of good feedback and support.  I thank you all for your attention.  While I was gone, I wrote a good bit more of this story.  You can check it out now - it’s fully uploaded here.  I have no idea how long it will take me to finish this, but I hope I can count on you all sticking it out with me.  I also threw up a website for this work:  thekingdomcalls.com .  Just another avenue to stay in touch and get the word out. 

Read my revisions, enjoy the story, give me feedback (upon which I thrive!) and let’s find out what is going on with Billy, gray aliens, his son, and strange alien queens in other parts of the galaxy!

Hi everyone!

Thanks again for being a reader.  I’ve added a bit to the story, and reworked some of the dialogue to flow a little better.  We’ve moved into some action now, and we find Billy going full tilt commando in the midst of his abduction.  Meanwhile, sinister forces are working behind the scenes....

Please, check it out!  And give me your feedback - I’m desperate for your input on this story as it unravels.

Thank you so much for your interest.  I hope I don’t let you down.

Thanks again to everyone who has shown some interest.  I have a start of another chapter on the way that might replace what I currently have up as chapter two.  Your interest and words really help me to keep going - I truly am grateful.  Let me know your thoughts about my work in comments, DM, twitter, etc.  I can’t do better if I don’t hear from you!  And if you really like my work so far, spread the word.  I’m a little way off from selling pre-orders (have a bit of writing to do first!), but it’s nice to get as many eyes on things as I can.



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Thanks Joni Dee!

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you got my attention @Smith Ellis keep building a strong base and best of luck! I liked the concept! 

I’m having an Inkshares learning curve, so if you saw my book get wiped out, restored, wiped out and restored - I’m sorry about that!  I was trying to add part of chapter two, not destroy the whole thing.  Le Sigh.  

The good news is that a few more word made it up.  The bad news is, I don’t really think it’s a great place to start Chapter 2.  I’m probably going to redo it.   Not sure.  Those of you who like to give feedback, please feel free to give feedback!

And thanks again for your interest and support.  

Wow.  I thought I’d post this early draft, and it would sit on the virtual shelf gathering virtual dust.  But no, a bunch of people found it and read it.  Worse, a few of you seemed to like it.  Now I’ll have no choice but to continue writing it!  Durn!  Seriously - Thank you so much to everyone who took the time to read it, or write a review, or both.