Jason Pomerance
It's almost like finding yourself in one of your most strange dreams == Michael Sebby' s The Inhabitants: An Unremembered Life draws you into a web of intrigue and mystery. Part of you wants to wake up and find yourself safe in your bed. Another part is compelled to follow this journey to its end. Unsettling reading to be sure, but in the best way.  You won't soon forget it.  So looking forward to the rest of this book.
Yicheng Liu
In my opinion, humor is a great way to make stories more entertaining and offers a much wider readership to the author. This book knows how to spin a witty line! Readers, you have just found a book that you will naturally gravitate towards. The cover art and penmanship shows a writer that knows what makes books great. I would recommend this book as an excellent read with characters that seemed easy to understand and down-to-earth. Which is a good thing.
Thea Tiffany Alger and Kelly Graniel
I love the fact that this is focusing on the eerie aspects of dreams while still making sense.  This story is well detailed and great to read. I am looking forward to seeing more :)
Thomas J. Arnold
Filled with excellent characterization, Mr. Sebby also does a wonderful job of juxtaposing the familiar waking world with the sometimes surreal, sometimes sinister, and often prophetic dreams of the main character, Jacob. Throughout the first 4 chapters presented here we are left to ponder the reality of the dreams as well as the waking world they so often intersect. Are they truly prophetic? Just what are the people/creatures encountered in some of the more unusual dreams? I look forward to reading more and finding out just what is real, unreal, and more importantly where this is all taking Jacob.
Jeyna Grace
The concept of this book is intriguing. We all know dreams are not real, and yet... there's this possibility that they are. I'm a fan of dream related premises, so I definitely like the mystery behind this tale.  Aside from that, the author did a great job with descriptions - the first paragraph of chapter 1 is proof. 
Joshua Griffith
I barely started reading this story and it had me hooked! I love the unknown and the suspense that follows as Jacob delves further into his dream states and creates a foreboding world crashing all around him, whether he likes it or not, like the Alabaster Bridge.  
Jamison Stone author of Rune of the apprentice
Very excited to see how the psychology of dream archetypes in The Inhabitants affect the characters and story. Very interesting concept and I'm very much looking forward to learning more when I read the full book!
Bryn Hagan
This wastes no time getting into the actions, and I'm constantly trying to figure out what is a dream and what is... until his mum wakes him up. Huge potential with this, and while the writing has a lot of narrative, it sounds natural and I could see myself getting absorbed in this, constantly figuring out what is real and what not. I liked it a lot.
Stephen Carignan
This book starts with suspenseful character interaction and it simply keeps going, making this a read page turner (page scroller?). The way Sebby folds the exposition into the action while making the events intriguing and engaging. This is one of the hallmarks of great writing so I'm excited to see how the story will progress. In fact, I don't think I even need to review it because I'm sure this will get funded.               
Bryn Hagan
There's an analogy I really like in there about spiders - about how we hate them and want to squash them, yet something so horrible produces something so beautiful like a web. I instantly pictured a big cobweb on a frosty morning with the sun reflecting off it.