When the sudden deaths of his parents bring Zack Bahur to back to his childhood home, he is forced to revisit a past he’d hoped would never resurface. Now he must come to terms with the ghosts of his troubled past, and the lingering presence of something much, much darker. 
The House of Chaos is a horror short story that I wrote in 2012, now available for the first time in its entirety for all, for free. Unlike previous projects, I do not intend to campaign The House of Chaos for publication: the entire story is available here for free, as a gift to all my supporters, to tide you over while my other projects move forward. I hope you enjoy this little foray into the traditional horror genre, and if you like my writing, please consider supporting my science fiction novels Tantalus Depths and Proteus with a preorder. 

To read The House of Chaos, simply click the cover image below.
Trigger warning: contains references to child abuse. Reader discretion is advised.