On a trip that will ultimately save us all; a rather dimwitted Elephant will unwillingly take a ride through the universe with an un-exploding Rat and an alternate highly padded Human version of himself.


Only one quote from this book could be so perfect that it would be able to completely sum up this book in just 5 words: “Warning: Painful if hit with.”


This book explains the theory of parallel universes in one very simple way. It’s highly likely that everything or at least something in your universe is completely different in another . However it is very difficult when trying to tell which one is the original universe, what with all the universes mucking about in the membrane. This is the exact reason why every universe was sent a memo to start calling themselves Universe 1 and is precisely why Universe 2 was so upset when it found out that it had missed the memo.

About the Author:

Artist / Graphic Designer and Procrastinating Writer Anthony W. Owens is the Creator / Artist for G3ARSH1FT, The Affleck Riots minimalist artwork series and his newest work figure art.