Hey all, Landon Crutcher is sooo close to making his mark for light publishing...please go take a listen to his reading of his novel, Monkey Business, and see how smart, funny, and fun this guy's writing truly is here: 


Thanks! (oh, and please, let's all help him over the finishing line...) 

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Grapheme-Color Synesthesia here! Woo!


I've gotten a couple of notes about folks here that experience some kind of Synesthesia, so thought I'd give you a little more on its various forms. It's pretty fascinating and they've only just begun to discover the way in which it shows up in folks. (Thus, 'The Hide')

Here goes...

* If you experiences letters or numbers with a specific color, you may have Grapheme-Color Synesthesia. 

* If certain sounds trigger the visualization of colored, generic shapes, often squares, circles, that kind of thing, you may have Sound-to-Color Synesthesia

* When a person thinks about numbers and  a number map is involuntarily visualized, they may have Number-Form Synesthesia

*  Ordinal-linguistic personification  is when an  individual experiences ordered sequences with various personalities. Ordered sequences may include numbers, letters, months and so on. For example, a person with OLP may look at the letter ‘A’ and think in his mind that ‘A’ is a rude letter. (I discovered all three of my daughters have this while studying up for The Hide).

* Lexical-Gustatory Synesthesia is when people experience a taste or smell with a certain phoneme or word. 

I'd love to know if anyone here has one or more of these. There are a few theories out there that synesthetes tends to be unique thinkers and I can think of no more creative group than this one. 

Chapter Two of THE HIDE for your listening pleasure: 


Chapter Two - Time to Remember. Hi all. I hope everyone's doing some spectacular writing out there, and getting ever closer to their goal. So, seeing as I'm pure sh*t at PR and getting my work out there, and because I've found a surprisingly warm and incredibly savvy group of fellow writers on this site, I'm shifting my focus to getting feedback (though will, of course, be happy to sell The Hide to those interested...). I've just posted Chapter Two here and, tomorrow, will be providing a link to my reading of it.  I'll give you a little spoiler alert and throw out this teaser - included is a memory of something most of us are incredibly lucky never to suffer and it has to do with our beginnings.... thanks! 

Hey all, here's a reading from Chapter One of The Hide. Thanks!


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I notice this book has 24 followers but only 11 backers. Come on, folks, what are you waiting for? You've read what she posted, right? She masterfully paints a scene (the bit about the girls divvying up the tips is perfect), and she ratchets up the tension and foreboding really nicely. I can't think of what else you could want in a book. Get off the fence and order at least one copy, today. A great author needs your help.

Hi guys, in the spirit of good karma, and understanding that a rising tide lifts all ships, I'm here to pitch a few others' work, including: Byron Gillan's Children of the Forest, Steve Soldwedel's Disintegration, Janna Grace's The Talkers are Talking (working title), and Landon Crutcher's Monkey Business. Please take a listen here:


COMMUNITY SERVICE ANNOUNCEMENT FOR MY FELLOW WRITERS: I'd like to offer those of you interested (say, up to the first 10 who're interested) an interview on my brand new blog, Words on the Outside. It's very simply a blog where I interview/record you reading about 5 mins worth of your favorite writing. Then I put it up here: https://wordsontheoutside.wordpress.com/

I love hearing authors read their own work and think this provides a new experience for their fans.

If you're interested, just shoot me an email at wordworker68@gmail.com and I'll get you scheduled over the next few days. I'm going to try to get these up for folks as soon as possible considering the pending deadline. Why? Because it's good karma, and it helps me get the ball rolling. (And I have a few authors already set and ready to record some of you might find truly exciting to listen to later.) 

First off, thanks everyone for the support. I'm a virgin to this process and am really overwhelmed with the amount of straight up, full out support there is for one another here. It's that, 'A rising tide lifts all ships',  business in action.

If you have a minute, please check out this very kind shout out from sci fi blogger Jessica Strider: