The New Horizons Space Probe transmitted images back to Earth showing us that Pluto possessed a heart. This heart shaped impression on the surface of this dwarf planet had an immediate impact on my creativity. It inspired me to write the following science fiction project, THE HEARTSIDE OF PLUTO.

I’m a Latina sci-fi writer and I’m turning my short story series THE HEARTSIDE OF PLUTO into a novel through the awesome Inkshares platform. With your help this will be possible and we will all be contributing to change the diversity issues in story telling entertainment. Every little bit helps in demonstrating that females and Hispanics have a place in the sci-fi world if only given a chance. Please help if you can. If you cannot contribute with a pre-order than please share with your friends over social media and word of mouth. All is greatly appreciated.

I’m originally from small town Texas currently living in L.A. I have a B.A. in Archaeology from the University of Texas at Austin and a deep love for all things science. I love interweaving real science into storytelling to create interesting and exciting experiences for the reader. I have been writing all my life. It’s an obsession.