The Haida Gwaii Lesson is getting some nice reviews. I won’t burden you with all of them, but I thought you might enjoy this short one from Ottawa Life.


Dear Supporters,

Those of you who ordered print books should have your copies by the end of this week (August 5) If you haven’t received them it may be because you changed addresses. But if that’s not the case please let me know and I’ll see that you get one.

Thanks you so much for your support and your patience. I do hope you enjoy the book.


PS. I’ll keep you posted on what comes of it.


Hard copies won’t be out until July 11th but we decided to set the E-books free ahead of the publication date so everyone can have a peek. After all, you’ve been waiting so patiently for so long. 

I want to thank you all for making this happen. And of course I want to hear from you. I have been working on this project for two years now and as you can imagine, I am both excited and nervous to hear what my generous supporters think of their investment. 

 Reviews are a large part of how this industry works; and today individual reviews are as valuable as published reviews. So if you like the book, and are so inclined, take a few minutes to review the book on:  



Thanks once again for joining me on this journey and making this project a reality.  


Your long and patient wait will soon be over. 

The HAIDA GWAII LESSON is on the press. 

Publication date : July 11, 2017. 

Inkshares promises me you’ll have your copies before then. 

Thanks again for your support.

All feedback welcome.


Dowie portrait final Mark Dowie · Author · edited over 5 years ago · 1 like
Here’s the cover, a sure sign that things are moving apace. Publication date is now July 11, and I have been assured that you will have copies before then.


Userphoto6 original Rick Clogher · Reader · added almost 6 years ago
Mark, it’s comforting how some things don’t change. Didn’t we try to tell you this about production years ago at the magazine? Seriously, we’re eager for the book and sure it’ll be worth the wait.

                           YOU’RE PROBABLY WONDERING: WHERE IS MY BOOK ???

Well I made my deadline and was immediately told by Inkshares that production, even of a short simple book with no illustrations (sorry about that) would take about nine months. So I can safely promise you a copy before year end, probably closer to mid year. I hope you’ll find it worth the wait.  


Picture Robert Greene · Reader · added about 6 years ago
Love these serigraphs Mark.  I want to see more of them. Can’t wait to read the book. 

When I sent my last update I believed it was impossible to include graphic illustrations with my message. Not true. 

So here are some samples of serigraphs I would like to have illustrate the book. They are all by the same artist, a Haida woman named Skaana Jaad, who lives in Masset on Graham Island.





Many of you are asking where the book is. Good question.  You supported it and it should be on your bedside table. Here are some reasons why it’s not:

The book is written and edited. It now goes into production, a notoriously slow and frustrating process with any book publisher. The next step is copy editing, then proof reading, then design. 

Design will be slower than usual with this book because it is illustrated. That’s always true of illustrated books. Print is easy, art’s a bear. Moreover, I am working side-by-side with a Haida artist on the islands. Her stunning serigraphs will be slow to arrive but worth the wait. I wish I could show you just one of them.

And while all this is under way on the Haida Gwaii Lesson, Inkshares is doing the same with dozens of other books. And, as they do so, they are researching the unique and challenging market for our book.

So all I can ask for is your patience, and hope that you’ll find the wait worthwhile.

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