Pearl’s Guild is an international organization that’s so interconnected to most governments that the two are synonymous. Jason works in the Infantry division, moving from day to day as best as he can while handling minor crimes committed by those with powers; people not so different from him just a few years ago.

Vic is an art thief, more from the need of a challenge than anything else: telepaths are in high demand for much less risky dealings, after all. Smart and wary, she knows the darker side of the Guild, the one not advertised in the press. The barely of age workers, the casual monopoly on powered crimes, the harsh nature of its arrests.

As unlikely as it is, the two meet, and their lives change forever.

A science-fiction novel starring two LGBT main characters a mysterious corporation, The Guild deals with themes ranging from feminism to family to what exactly constitutes freedom.

The Guild is an idea that came to me two years ago, while doing one of many writing exercises with friends. Wanting to explore both LGBT themes as well as fulfill my given prompt, I wound up with a complex and deeply interesting concept of how both powers and relationships would be handled in a world where they’re privatized.