THE GREAT HAND is a comedy fantasy novel, with an exciting twist of mystery, helmed by two female protagonists.

About me:

I’m a twenty-nine year old British sci fi and fantasy nerd who finished this story when she was twenty-two and has spent every year subsequently deciding what to do with it. Now it’s here, as am I, and I’m looking to get engaged with others who like the same sort of nerdery (yes, that’s a word!) as I do. Whatever happens to this campaign, whether I make the numbers or not, I am keen to connect with other awesome humans so drop me a message if you want me to check out your stuff, even if you don’t like The Great Hand in return!

The Blurb:

Button Olé thought she knew what was up. It was a giant, seemingly disembodied appendage called The Great Hand, and It liked to hover above her country of Lomme, silent and mysterious, offering no explanations as to what It wanted. Like most Lommeids Its involvement in her life was practically non-existent.
Well, that was until It dropped an oversized piece of paper, covered in letters and numbers, into her back garden.
It has sent her a Gift, something prized by the Church of Lomme and many of the country’s inhabitants. But what is this curious item? What does it mean?
Soon Button is drawn into a world of political and religious intrigue, delving deeper and deeper into Lomme’s strange past and worrying future. It quickly becomes clear that Lomme is a lot more odd than just having a giant hand floating above it.
It’s up to Button to muster her wits, steel her strength and take the lead on a non-stop adventure that’ll soon have her running from shadowy figures who’d rather she went back to her old life and stopped sticking her nose in where it doesn’t belong…

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Excerpt: Chapter Two