Hello lovely readers!

I’m going to be honest - I’ve stopped campaigning.  I’ve really enjoyed networking and have left my own project by the wayside a little, but that’s okay!  This entire process has been worth it. 

I would love to share more of my book with everyone who has preordered so do DM me of you’d like more - I’d be happy to send it to you.

I’m working on my next project, a piece of Hard Sci Fi.  Follow my blog if you fancy and I’ll regale you with tales of how that is going.

Thank you again!  I’m still preordering up a storm so do send me a message if you want me to check out your work!

Sam x

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Hello everyone!  I’m still here, but currently very invested in reading other people’s projects rather than forwarding my own!  Terrible, I know.  So remember to send me a message if you want me to check out your stuff :D
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Hello friends!  Thank you so much for the continued support, you are all great.  It’s been super connecting with so many talented people.

I am thinking about putting up Chapter 5 if we hit 30 preorders...any objections?

I’m also updating my blog so follow me there for more natterings!
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I’m feeling the Inkshares love and want to give a shout out to everyone who has reviewed and preordered, particularly Joni Dee and Regina McMenomy who have helped me edit and focus my project.  As I’ve said before, I’m excited to read any book so send me a message and I’ll happily give it a look (once my toddler has decided to give me some peace*).

Anyway, thanks everyone!  20 preorders hit!

*So in about ten years time, I think???

Hello awesome humans!  I’m 2 away from hitting 18 orders and getting that next chapter up, so if you are happy to part with a little bit of money for this salient opportunity (salient?  Yeah, I’m going with that, it sounds good) then please do so!  I have also updated my blog at http://inkyandthebrain.blogspot.co.uk/ with some reflections on writing and how it’s about bracing oneself for potential embarrassment later on (at least for me, it is).  Check it out and do send me feedback, even if it’s in the form of abuse.  I’m British, so all I will do is apologise a lot and slink away to drink several cups of tea.  SPEAK SOON :)

Hello everyone!  Wow - 20 followers is amazing.  Thank you so much.  If you could share with friends, maybe review and possibly buy a preorder that would be incredible.  I will upload another chapter if I hit 18 preorders (why 18 rather than 17 or 19 I don’t know).  I have also thrown together a very silly video for you all to enjoy.  Thanks again!

Hi everyone!  If you like my book thus far and would like to post a review I would be eternally grateful!  A gorgeous cover will be appearing soon and if enough people are interested I will post another chapter!  Thank you again! X x x xx