Sarah Ellis
The Girl in the Blue Hood, or what I've read of it, has an interesting plot line and a great vision for a main character. At some points the writing is a little cliché, as are a few characters, but it has great potential to be a amazing book! It is somewhat tell-y, if you know what I mean; things aren't really shown through events, and it's more the MC telling exactly what's happening. But, it has great potential!
David Schilling
The concept is good, I enjoy how dialogue is used as exposition, but I would recommend running the story through a grammar and spelling checker. In addition look for words that can be omitted, such as then in the phrase then past the... remember the difference between till and 'til, etc. Overall good, but there's always room for improvement.
Kaytalin Platt
Like it so far! So far it reminds me of The Hero and the Crown, which is one of my favorite books.