A near-future, new adult hard fiction story. Fully written, seeking criticism, emotional support, monetary support, tech support. A local comic author’s first attempt at fiction for the myopic.


At the ten dollar level, not only do you secure access to the e-book (provided e-books are still a thing by release), but if I’m ever arrested on COPS I will shout your name while pressed against the hood of the car.

At the twenty dollar level you’ll be getting everything from the previous tiers, a well as a physical copy (provided physical space is still a thing by release), but if we ever meet you can punch me in the chest (not stomach, that’s how Houdini died) while pretending I’m Eppson.

At the Super Reader level, you’ll be happy to receive both signed copies of The Geneticist and a personal promise that if The Geneticist ever becomes a feature film I’ll force the more desperate extras to get your name tattooed on their necks.

I’ll release another few chapters of the book at 20 copies sold, 50 copies sold, and 100 copies sold. If we sell more than that, I’ll start releasing erotic fanfiction starring the cast of The Geneticist.