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New York Times reporter Shannon Travers is suffering from nightmarish visions. She sees herself being brutalized by a gas-masked killer on an old-fashioned subway. And each time she awakens, her body is ravaged with the physical wounds of the attack she’s witnessing in her mind. Is it a repressed memory? Déjà vu? Or something else entirely?

Using her best journalistic skills, Shannon’s search for the truth transcends generations. It leads her from the dark shadow of 9/11 to the aftermath of the JFK assassination where she stumbles upon an insecure 1960’s housewife whose story is far too similar to her own.

Ruled by her obsession for answers, Shannon undergoes hypnosis and inadvertently triggers a psychological anomaly which changes history. The events of 1963 unfold differently than history had intended. The killer’s murderous spree explodes and more people die who never died before. The ramifications ripple through time. The twin towers still stand, but the world is spiraling perilously close to nuclear war.

Knowing she’s responsible, Shannon formulates a far-fetched plan to change history help a housewife stop a serial killer before the world she knew before ceases to exist.

Reader Feedback

When I began toying with the idea of writing a novel I had one major fear...that my expertise in screenwriting would be counter-productive to writing a book. Luckily, it seems to have worked out quite well, and I’ve received some encouraging feedback from a few early readers:

"Wow – the plot of this novel is terrific. Definitely a page turner and I was totally unable to predict what was next, right to the last page. "

"The time travel concept in The Future Prime is an interesting take on the genre. Unlike other time travel concepts, The Future Prime does not rely on science fiction to create its scenario."

"The take on time travel is unique and could be well suited to a film as well as succeeding in its current form as a novel."

"I really enjoyed this genre-bending tale. Glenn is an established filmmaker, and this novel is incredibly evocative and visual - so much so that I had to stop reading it before bed."

"It’s a HELL of a story, that’s the least that can be said."

The book is complete, but I’m sure there will be some minor tweaks before publishing.

About the Author

My name is Glenn Forbes, and this is my first novel. Don’t be scared. My background is in film. As a Director, I have made several short films which have won awards and screened at festivals all around the world. I’m working toward making my feature film directorial debut sometime within the next couple of years.

As a screenwriter, I have been optioned and produced. I am a former winner of the Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition (Best out of over 4000 entries). I won the Ontario Media Development Corporation’s Calling Card Grant and the Canadian Film Centre Worldwide Short Film Festival screenplay award. In 2012 I was awarded a Telefilm Canada New Voices/Golden Quill Award as one of the top emerging screenwriters in Canada. My sci-fi thriller THE WRECKAGE placed on The 2014 Blood List (1st place winner of the Search for New Blood) -- a list of the top unproduced dark-genre screenplays of a calendar year, voted on by over 100 Hollywood executives, and released each Halloween. THE WRECKAGE is currently under option to A Bigger Boat (Producer Peter Block, Saw, Rambo, The Descent). I’m currently writing FESTEVIL for Misfits Entertainment in the UK, and INHUMAN, an apocalyptic thriller for A Bigger Boat.

I am represented by IMI (Infinity Management International) in Los Angeles for all motion picture and television screenwriting and directing.

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