Book Two of The Fae Child Trilogy

[Book One: Fae Child]

When Abigail Brown was eight years old she dove into a pond and found herself pulled through a portal into the Otherworld, the realm of the Fae. Using all her wits she tries to get home, just as her father searches for a way to the Otherworld to find her. Long story short (and to avoid too many book one spoilers), Abbie makes it back to the human realm, and to her parents.

Eight years later, sixteen-year-old Abbie wakes up in the middle of the night to find her parents have vanished and a changeling double has replaced her mother. After the changeling tries to murder her, Abbie makes her way to the Otherworld to track down her missing parents.

While she’s there Abbie has to juggle her responsibility to her parents, her growing feelings for her childhood friend Foster, and her strange connection to the Wild Hunt. Oh, and possibly a war between the Summer and Winter Queens.

A vengeful dragon has her eyes set on mayhem in the Otherworld, and Abbie may be the only one who can stop her.

[This cover is only temporary. The real one will be illustrated by the same artist who did the cover for Fae Child.]