Good morning, Citizens. Just a note to let everyone know I’ve uploaded the second chapter of The Free City. Taken with the prologue and the first chapter, the ending of the second chapter is a fun milestone in the overall book’s structure because it’s fully laid out the central intention of the book and by this point you’ve gotten a decently in-depth look at the central trio who will be the backbone of the book’s perspective. Looking forward to hearing everyone’s thoughts on how things are progressing, curiosities about how things will progress from here, and so on. Enjoy!

Me and adam 2015.06.21 Dave Brumbley · Author · added almost 8 years ago
It's always good to read someone's thoughts on something that exists mostly in your own head and have it validated that all your brainstorming efforts weren't entirely the result of a psychotic episode. You touch on many of the main concerns and controversies that are going to be the subject of exactly what happens after the aforementioned ribbon-cutting. 

As mentioned in the synopsis, the book looks at this event primarily through the eyes of two main characters, one of whom is an idealist who always thinks the best of humanity, the other of whom is a skeptic and much more realistic/pragmatic. There will also be small snippets peppered throughout the book of five different families from various backgrounds, each of whom eventually have some connection to the events in the city, so we see the people on the ground as well as the men behind the curtain to which attention ought not to be paid. 

Structurally, the first half-to-two-thirds of the book will deal with the construction of the city and the anticipation to its doors opening, and the final third will be the fallout/aftermath/consequences of that opening. I'm hoping, by this structure, to have a chance to approach every side of this possibility that's possible without telling too many life stories at once. Hopefully that structure will permit the story to address all of the various predictions/naysaying that will inevitably result in the reader's mind once the concept of the book becomes clear. 
Picture Rick Heinz · Author · added almost 8 years ago
Well, here are my thoughts on ramifications.. These are just my opinions if I let my mind wander.

First, people who feel inherently superior will try and find a way to isolate and make sure that there is some measure of economy. I think that would be an early first battle. Not to mention others in the rest of the world trying to shut it down with slander.

Next would be the obvious and easily cast freeloaders. Some would move there and purposely do it as a political statement. Some would do it because they could. Some would be in genuine need.

I could also see some really initial dark times with gangs, extortion, a lack of laws.

BUT I could also see hope. Economy systems based on reputation. You do things for the city, you earn reputation points and could have more of a vote. I could see people banding together to preserve the vision of taking a new self sustaining city and adding bettering it and actually care and pay attention for the social services they use and be more mindful of each others an make sure that more than just the city was free. 

It depends on how far you go with what's free. If you just built Chicago in the middle of America, empty with full infrastructure. All those construction workers would still need to be paid. You clear everyone out, agree to pay property taxes on it for the next 100 years or something, and cut a giant red ribbon saying: "Okay, anyone can move here. or open up business. No rent, no lease, no purchasing. 

Our legal system isn't set up to handle the concept of ownership at that point. If that's the way you go with it, I could really see Mafia style extortion and organized crime rapidly filling in. 

Here is the funny part: They might actually take really good friggin care of the place. You do a little somethin' somethin' for them. They see to it you get a penthouse.
Me and adam 2015.06.21 Dave Brumbley · Author · added almost 8 years ago
Glad to hear you like the concept! I've gone through several thorough outlines of the story, and though the broad strokes have remained roughly the same, a lot of the specifics have only come together recently. Once I have a current draft of chapter 1 finished, I'll post it in here. Any feedback concerning the ramifications of building an empty city and then giving it away for free will be welcome. It's gonna be fun. 
Picture Rick Heinz · Author · added almost 8 years ago
This is a great concept. I'm extremely political myself and this is something I'm very interesting in following through. Hit me up in email or on twitter if you want. @crankybolt or crankybolt@gmail.com

Just uploaded the prologue of Free City, along with a blurb giving slightly more information on the book's ambitions. Feedback and sharing is always welcome. Thank you!