Since age eleven, Dr. Hope Kestrel has vowed to become the right kind of doctor—one who’d never give false hope, or offer futile treatments, like what happened to her mom. In pursuit of her goal, she’s devoted her career and research to PRIME—Prognostic Intelligent Medicine—a Seattle start-up healthcare conglomerate, first to perfect a cutting-edge artificial intelligence algorithm, the biotechnology wave of the future.

As PRIME’s High Resident, Hope is confident that the algorithm is the key to a fundamental paradigm shift that will revolutionize healthcare for humanity. So much so, that when her patients tagged as curable by the algorithm inexplicably begin to die, she resists facing the truth—that the facts don’t add up—along with disturbing memories of her mom’s death that resurface.

But when her best friend receives a devastating diagnosis, and is tagged a “non-responder” by the algorithm, Hope discovers PRIME is not all she thought it to be—and ruthless CEO Dr. Marah Maddox has spine-chilling plans for the next phase of the algorithm, putting millions of lives in danger.

Hope must decide whether to stay on the same path—to follow the algorithm, where policies, and profits, sanction the benefit of the many at the dark cost of the harm to the few—or to defy it, in a race against time to try to save her friend, stop Maddox, and expose the shocking lie at the heart of PRIME, even if it means the loss of her career and all she thought to be true.

Fans of medical thrillers such as Robin Cook’s Host and techno-thrillers such as Dave Eggers’ The Circle would enjoy THE FRAILTY OF MATTER, as would fans seeking strong female STEM characters, as in Mary Robinette Kowal’s Lady Astronaut series.

update 8/6/19 - I’ve taken down the chapters for another round of revision. stay tuned!  Thanks to Inkshares for picking The Frailty of Matter as the February 2019 Break the Bechdel with Strong Female Characters Syndicate Pick!