Chapter 1

Whiz Trey as he is called by his peers, walked briskly to the electronic blackboard and begin his magic. He has been certified and tested as being the world’s most prized physic. Although he greatly admired Einstein he was aware his intellect abilities surpassed the great scientist. But still gave his predecessor his due respect.

When drawing up the assault plans Saint Ana asked him and his pal Tracy to come up with. A plan in getting those in the satanic hives who are without the gift of speed. Teleporting them by science across the Continental Divide undetected by the enemy’s radar.

Tracy helping passing out the assault plans, Whiz begin to explain, pointing to the diagram drawn;

"This expression called an indefinite integral means that F(x) is a function such that its derivative is equal to f(x)


_____ =f(x)


With everyone excluding Tracy staring at the two genius in puzzlement, a unison of uproars was echoed throughout the war council hall, begging them to stop.

"What the problem?" Tracy asked bewildered, as to why they were being rudely interrupted.

"We’ve no idea what you two are talking about." declared Cate, whose freckles seems to magnify when under stress.

"Oh, its very simple" said Whiz, returning to his plasmaic illustration of the topographic of the area. Pointing to the entrance of the realm with a laser pointer. “When the physical and spiritual elements combine as my VZ2 device with do, drawing them to a common point creating a porting from dx which is here in Goshen to F, which is your designations.

"Who is D, F, x and what’s a ’constant what?" asked Trent, mulling over the handout.

"We’ll get to that." Tracy excitedly quipped.

Looking over the room and realizing no one was truly following the lesson, they were being courtesy because St. Ana asked to them be polite. No, told them she was going to crack heads if they didn’t pay attention was more like. Whiz pushed glasses his eyes up on his narrow bridged nosed and inquisitively asked. "Didn’t any of you take calculus in high school or college?!"

“No,” Haines quipped. “I was too busy staying alive.”

"Yeah, I took it but I had no idea what the teacher was saying." A timid voice in the back volunteered.

"Haven’t anyone ever heard of binomial distribution, binomial, theorem, or the box-and-whisker-plot" Whiz asked exasperatedly looking around at the group of green peas who hadn’t learned to go through the 8th Day or teleport yet. He didn’t have a good feeling about sending them a portal. They were too inexperience.

"We appreciate your effort; we really do but could you just tell us in plain English what you’re talking about? What we want to know...for those of us who have to hike, we would like to know is where are their security radars located, how many warm-bodies the thermo-radar has been detected on the outer ridge, when they change guard and how often? Ya know, things that will be really helpful in helping us to ambush them." said Trent.

“Can’t you warrior detect them? Don’t you all have extra sensory?” Trey asked looking at the door hoping Mother Harris or Ana come rescued him from a classroom of angry looking people wearing blade hemmed black body coats with daggers and other weaponry in their hands. The warriors were a surly crowd as it was and the green peas are the worse. But a rescue didn’t seems to be happening any time soon so he continued. After all he was Head of Technology. He built the systems and it was the warriors risking their lives to go outside Goshen’s Wall, so he due them that much.

“Some we can and some we can’t. Some of ’em bastards can hide in broad daylight” One of the students upfront said playing with his dagger, tossing it in the air, spinning so fast it was nothing but a silver blur.

“Put that thing away.” Tracy snapped. “Didn’t your mother tell you not to play with sharp objects.”

Three nights later, on the night of the raid. The group of twenty three, Trey, Tracy and twenty one warriors dressed in black moved silently through the foliage and trees under the cover of the night they traveled westward after exiting the West Gate. Their individual units and comrades with the inherent gifts to moves supernaturally through time and space had all disappeared or stepped through the lower level of Eternity, the lowest level between earth and outer Paradise twenty minutes ago with the expectation of their following suit.

All knew the demons may have known the actual location of Goshen but nonetheless they crowded these wood. Without a second sight, the warriors walked ahead, and planked Trey and Tracy on all sides, they were scientists not warrior, they knew can not be seen until they wish to be seen. So far they had encounter none.

The transporter was positioned in the mountains for testing, all who had attempted this failed and burned. Trey wasn’t taking chancing. Now that it worked properly it was too huge to move. The group was deep underground under the Triple Divide Peak standing at 8,020 feet, located in the Lewis Range. It was located in what used to be Glacier National Park in the state of Montana. The Goshenites had used their divine swords to blast a path through the enormous slab of Precambrian rock dating back to the Cretaceous period. They chose this location to dig a tunnel because summit of the peak is the point where two of the principal continental divides in North America converge, the Great Divide and the Northern or Laurentian Divide giving them clear access to go east or west.

Did the enemies know of the tunnel? There was no way to tell except enter and find out. They soon found out when they they saw huge spot lights for eyes staring back at them, they heard the sloshing of flesh moving as the leviathan moved about in the cramped space blocking their access to the machine. The monster appeared as armored as the granite he was scraping against but his size didn’t defer his speed.

The beastly demonic sounded like an angry locomotion swiftly crawling toward the group, all twenty one quickly surrounded their teacher in a warrior’s stance. Beckoning the colossal demon on while their comrade held up the back end. Most had been wanting to kill something all day so this ugly thing with swirling teeth emitting a gargling like noise would so. They didn’t have a big flaming sword as their superiors but they had enough hell in them so the demons didn’t know the difference once they started throwing glow balls of fire.

Trey quickly activated the devices sending and gathering energy from all point because the beast was still coming. The glow balls was having little effects on the armor. Rays of light begin filling the tunnel. Just as another bored through the tunnel walls snarling and snapping at the warriors bringing up the back end. He wasn’t a commander so he had no idea how to get pass these monsters whom the light none glow balls was affecting, the fire power slowed them up but they were still coming.

Haines was getting more pissed off with every passing second. Every swing was hard and brutal. He was tired of playing patty cake with these ugly hell-things. He let out a mighty war cry, filled with rage, all the rage had pinned up since he arrived at Goshen half-dead, he had no surviving relatives so charging this beast meant nothing to him. If he died then perhaps the others would live. Taking his led, the others followed suit. They cut, slashed and gorged moving individually and as pairs, the horrendous stench from the endoplasmic flesh was overpowering and nauseating but their anger was greater.

The 5’7” black haired assumed leader beckoned the other to follow when a comrade pulled him out the cadaver pointing out the beast was dead.

“C’mon, you guys. Let’s go!” Haines said having returned to reality. Splattered with flesh of another world they filed in the transporter only to exit in the forge of another heated battle. This time the warrior saints were going up against colossal demons, demons that dwarfed them to the size of humans to ants, but the fire from their blades was no joke. The roar of the battle was deafening, the foregate of hell had been opened.

The Grand Wizard of the wold, Nikola watched Ana and her people from the sideline as they slayed thousands of his followers. Not that he care. He could always recruit more. But it was the their magnificent machine that held his attention. The ones standing in the machine amused him. They had succeeded in building a transporter. He discreetly directed demons to attempt to take them while the warriors and warrior saints were busy.

Tracy seeing the humanoid demons rushing them pressed the button taking herself and Trey back home. The machine burst the seams of their modest house.

“Brent is gonna be pissed off,” Trey said referring to Goshen’s chief architect and engineer who designed and built their house as he looked around at their busted up house.

“Let him, Brent can fight those things. We can’t. We are just learning how,” Tracy quipped but suggested “I think we could go back through.”

“Nah, the saints will bring them through the Neutral Zone. I think Ana didn’t want them there in the worse of the battle.”


He still had problem dealing with the fact his last $425,000 a year job fired him, never giving him a complete explanation as to why. He never got his last paycheck either. The payroll office swore they mailed it but he never received it. Maybe whomever put him in that trance got it. Hey if they knew enough about him to do that. Surely they could’ve direct his paycheck to themselves. To make matter worse someone sued him and got an absentee judgment and vanished with his savings and checking. How can a judgment be issued when you don’t know you are supposed to be in court!? He found that out when the sheriff was at his door telling him he had been sued for his house and the contents within. He took what he could carry. The name on the judgment warrant was no one he knew.

He didn’t know if Cargill International were who was harassing him in the streets or not. But no doubt someone wanted him dead very badly. He moved from L.A. back home to Philly almost broke. He was fired for accusations of aiding an outside corp he knew nothing about. He had changed his name to Massey to try and escape the harassers in Philly. It worked well until Cargill International placed him extreme scrutiny. Scurrility and extreme vilification followed him everywhere after the firing so yes, it was Cargill’s doing. But he had done nothing wrong. But try telling that to the security team. Now that he knows about spiritualism he knows he was under a very strong imposed trance but he still doesn’t know who projected it nor why?

Even his family changed on him or had they? Looking back with open eyes he sees they have always treated him different. After returning home broke and homeless they taunted him if he was so damn smart why he didn’t have sense enough to hold on to a job paid over 400,000 a year? His siblings gloated his failure in his face every chance they got.

One day he told them, “Everything happens in this family somehow I’m at fault. No matter what I do I’m wrong. All because I didn’t want to stay here and hang out on the street corner and talk trash, I’m the bad guy? All because I wanted a life of my own. I didn’t want to an everlasting nursemaid or solve everyone’s problems. I didn’t tell you all to marry those no-good people. So why are you blaming me because your significant other turned out to be trash. I tried to tell all of you that before you married them that there was something off about them. My being here were not going to make anyone live any longer or die any sooner. When I’m dead and there is no one left to beat up on, blame for everything; all of you are going to have to take a good long hard look at yourselves and see where the problems really lies. It’s within yourself. It always has been you guys’ problem, not mine’s. And I refuse to own your problems and mentality any longer. I love all of you with all my heart but as painful as it is to say this. This sibling love have always been a one way street. I’m done begging you guys to love me and give me emotional support. The shit you all diss me at home hurts worse than harassment in the streets. It doesn’t hurt as much because I don’t care about the people in the streets.” He said walking out and he haven’t seen them since. But he knew they were alright. He secretly checked on them everyday.

The saints said he should go get them but he really didn’t want to. He don’t want someone telling him everything he does wrong or belittling him all the time in front of his peers. He like it here. He doesn’t want them here. He calls and sent money to his parents whom he knows in turn give it all away to his no-good siblings. But he don’t even want his mom here because she would put him down in front of everyone. Most of Tracy didn’t know his family was batshit crazy and he had no intention of her learning. These people respected his expertise, knowledge and ability. He loves his parents but for some reason he have always been a kid they seems to have preferred had never been born. He watched how the parents here interact with their children. For example he have watched how St. Ana adored Bea. He see how Thor; as loud and countrified as he is, truly loves his kid, Charlotte who can be equally as loud and ornery at times. He aren’t much older than Bea and Charlotte, so he sees sides of them they hide from their parents. When they fuck up their parent don’t make a public speculate of their failures.

Now it took him a long while to figure out St. Ana’s dialect. She spoke classical aristocrate 14-17th century English. Not the modern English dialect. Words like ’aint’ and ’shan’t’ was considered of high breed in those days. Once he heard her tell someone. "Bless his heart." It didn’t sound like an insult but he figured out it was an insult. It was a nice way of telling someone she thought they were stupid or he just didn’t know any better to be so stupid.

He wiped his eyes on the back of his hand before anyone saw them misty, he told himself he had to get his mind off his past or he would never grow this project as they cleared away the mess the transporter made and decided to deal with this tomorrow. There was nothing else they could do. He guess it’s like St Ana says: “He who lives in the past will swim in a river of tears” or something like that she told once told them while trying to help them overcome the abuse they all had suffered in their past before moving to the Complex and onto Goshen.