I live in a household full of gamers. So there’s no way I not know about them. This is the part of the series dedicated to them. I’m the author of thirteen books called "The UnHoly Pursuit Saga". My works are mainly horror, fantasy, extreme, dark fictions, paranormal and paranormal romance. This was written as an addition to the fifth book of the "UnHoly Pursuit Series."

The idea deprived from the character Trey Rozean of the book called "The Gathering of the Warriors," and his life as being declared the only human to ever surpass Albert Einstein in knowledge. Being a genius has nearly cost him his life on numerous occasions.

The ideas of the book came from sci-fi, mythology and classic literature. I combined the elements into a futurist world set in the 25th century. I created the primary main character from the fifth book of the series because their newfound city needed someone with Trey’s expertise and Trey needed a home and family.