Eli Horowitz's latest update for The Final Days of Kobold Kody’s Frontier Exposit’n

Jul 28, 2021

Hey, everyone! Our first round of crowdfunding hit 280 preorders, which is amazing! That’s over a third of what we need to hit our mark, which means there’s a really easy way to cross the finish line: if everyone can bring two friends with them, we’ll be in there.

For now, I wanted to do something to thank you all for your support up to this point. But I wanted to hear from you about what you’re most interested in. Should I post more of Andra’s chapters? Are you interested in the other characters? Would you want to learn more about the magic system or the various people and cultures in the world? Let me know, and I’ll put up some new content soon. In the meantime, spread the word as fast as you can, and together we can make it!