Get ready world to meet the famous little Miss Sweetooth! Here is a heroine for our times. 

This is the first book in what I imagine will be a Sweetooth Trilogy.


On the first day of Spring, Valentiny Sweetooth, the youngest member of candy-making family, returns from her globe-trotting adventures with her mother.

When she arrives home, she discovers that her father is struggling with the little candy business and might have to sell it to the richest man in town.

She takes matters into her own hands. She uses some unique ingredients to create candies that change the fortunes of the family business.

These incredible sweets put her in the center of attention as the newest and most famous little candy-maker in the world.

However, Valentiny’s greatest accomplishment of all turns out to be a successful partnership with a very unlikely new friend. 


Next door to the candy phenomenon Valentiny Sweetooth is the largest candy company in the world, The GrandeeDandee Candee Company.

The company is run by four wicked scheming grown-ups. They must to do something about the overnight success of famous little girl next door that threatens their future.

They send the young, candy-hating Cedric Grandee next door under a false identity (named Jake Peppercorn) to learn her secrets.

Grudgingly, the cranky Cedric agrees to do as he is asked for just one month.

He finds himself under the spell of the beguiling Miss Sweetooth and her dauntless side-kick Saturday (aka Zelda Adalee Shubuckle).

Without knowing who he is, she teaches him everything she knows (and more) in order to help him overcome his loathing of the sweeter things in life.

Valentiny learns that there is a spy in her midst, one who intends to steal her secrets. The three children suspect a very curious and mysterious boy who seems to follow them everywhere.



At the end of his month with Valentiny Sweetooth, Cedric Grandee is summoned back home by his mother and her three wicked siblings.

It is time for him to share the Sweetooth secrets he has learned.

He is unable to create the magic without Valentiny.

The truly wicked grown-ups insist that he re-create the sweets made by his new friend. If he fails to do so, he will be sent far away and will never see his Valentiny and Saturday again.

With the unexpected help of the real Jake Peppercorn, he creates a magical candy that if eaten, will cause the person to forget everything they know about candy and lose complete interest in sweets altogether.

The grown-up Grandees plot to use the magic candy on Valentiny so that she will forget everything she knows about candy.

The plot backfires: The grim, grown-up Grandees accidentally eat the candy themselves.

They turn the candy business over the young candy-loving Cedric.

Cedric reveals his true identity to his friends.

A secret recipe and a very magical ingredient are returned to Valentiny and Saturday.