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Welcome, Reader, to The Fairy Stepmother, Inc.! We’re in production right now, so go ahead and pre-order. You’re guaranteed to get a book!

I’ve always loved fairy tales. When I was a girl, I wanted to play Cinderella in the musical, just like Julie Andrews or Leslie Ann Warren. As I’ve gotten older, however, I’ve realized that as wonderful as Cinderella is, the Stepmother’s part is WAY more fun. And so are her counterparts in the other fairy tales--witches, queens, wicked fairies, and maybe, just maybe, a godmother or two.

I’m a comedian at heart, and so are the many strong women who’ve raised me. All in different ways, but comedians nonetheless, in hardship, pain, and joy. In The Fairy Stepmother, Inc., I want to tell real stories about as many different funny women as possible.

I hope you’ll join me and Evelyn, the fairest Stepmother of them all, on an absurd ride through the likes of Cinderella, Rumpelstiltskin, and more!

Check out the sample chapters below, and if you want to read the rest, pre-order!

Evelyn Radcliffe isn’t really wicked. Just out of her depth. She’s got an MBA mind in a world where women are trained to spin thread and marry princes. And instead of running a consulting firm, she’s twice widowed with two teenage girls who are way more interested in princes than supply and demand. When the money starts to run out and opportunities dwindle, Evelyn reluctantly turns to marrying those daughters off. The princesses in the stories always manage to get a fairy godmother to do all the work. But in Strachey-upon-Stout, a carriage, a ball gown, and semi-translucent, sort of glass-ish slippers are all in a day’s work for a stepmother. And if there’s profit to be made, well, Evelyn Radcliffe is the woman to find it.

New here? Inkshares is a full-service publisher that works like Kickstarter for books. It’s a great way for readers to make sure the stories they want to read get published. Thanks to a lot of wonderful readers, my book is going to be published! Thanks for your support!