Hello there readers. You can check out the first chapter of The Faceless now and chapter two will be following. I am not quite ready to launch The Faceless, but very soon I will be. I want to get some feedback on it first, so please feel free to let me know what you think.

What is The Faceless about? The basic story has been with me for some time: a man who loses his mother and sister in an attack by an alien culture becomes a soldier with revenge on his mind. Isaac is at war with the Universe, not just the Ch’yradde who killed his loved ones. He doesn’t understand that though, at least not at first. His quest for revenge has brought him back to Tau Ceti, but the world is not quite as he remembers it. A young soldier with a potential long life ahead of him, Isaac has to decide if his revenge is more important than his mission and the lives of his fellow soldiers.

As a fair warning, there are sexual situations and violence in this story.

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