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  Working hard on Wicked Boys! However, I am getting into the next contest, the video game Nerdist contest and doing so with this idea! Follow W A S D! https://www.inkshares.com/books/w-a-s-d  

I know this has been mentioned before, but I am just confirming that I will be self publishing Wicked Boys. Stay tuned for more information regarding where and when. THE FACELESS is being edited and revised. It may also go the self publishing route. 


So we only have six days left on The Garden of Oroborous, and a long way to go. However, over the last few days we have picked up some momentum. So with that in mind, if you are interested in grabbing your copy, definitely do so! If you have a copy already, thank you and let your friends know about the book! A lot can happen in six days.

Thank You


I wanted to go ahead and update the readership on what the plan is going forward with The Garden of Oroborous as well as THE FACELESS and Wicked Boys. I am not sure we can overcome the distance in the current Sword & Laser contest. It would be great if we can, but I am looking forward with tGoO. We have 54 days left to achieve a publishing level and I think this is very doable. So I am working on Chapter 3 (slowly and carefully) and will have that up near the beginning of next week. I am considering some promotional ideas for it as well and hope to have a big push beginning next Monday.

The FACELESS did not reach its goals as far as pre-orders. However, it has exceeded my expectations in regard to its potential. My plan right now is to finish Chapter 6, put that up here for people to read, and then see how Wicked Boys does in self publishing. Ideally it will catch the eye of one publisher or another and I can pitch THE FACELESS to them for a more traditional publishing route. The other options are self publishing it as well or trying again here on Inkshares. The book has a future though and one way or another will see the light of day. 

Now, for Wicked Boys. Ideally I will finish Wicked Boys Part One: The Onset of Night by the end of January and have it to my editor. I would love that process to take less than two weeks of back and forth, which means a publishing date in late February or early March. The Onset of Night will be the first four chapters (approximately 12k words) of Wicked Boys. I plan on selling each section for a $.99 and there will be about ten sections. So this process will be ongoing. I imagine it will take about 18 months to publish the entire novel in this way, but at the end it will be a great piece of fantasy literature and readers can collect all ten parts. Once all ten are published I will publish the entire novel as one book. 

I appreciate all of my readers and the feedback that I get. I am forging forward in this great quest to live the life of the starving artist and am glad you have chosen to come along for the ride.


Good Monday readers

I hope your holidays were good, regardless of what and how  you celebrate. Even if you don't I hope you enjoyed the day(s) off. I did not do much writing during the last few days as it was my little hatchling's second Xmas. I recharged and an am now back in the saddle as they say.

As usual we have a huge deficit to overcome to get published and win the contest. Like the SR Naval  forces in The Garden of Oroborous, we never back down from a fight. We expect to win! So spread the word about The Garden of Oroborous to your friends and family and other fans of military science fiction. Chapter Three will be up soon!


So big thanks to A.C. Weston and Jen Elizabeth Rose for their reviews. They certainly made my day.  As promised each will have a dreadnought class vessel named after them. Congrats to all the great writers turned reviewers over the weekend. Don't forget to tell your friends about The Garden of Oroborous! 

Hello All. I will be making my rounds of my fellow Inkshare authors tomorrow and hopefully kicking out a few reviews when I can. In the mean time, let me tell you a little about The Garden of Oroborous and tomorrow's contest.

If enjoy character driven narratives, I think you will find The Garden of Oroborous to your liking. A captain in a future history has the unenviable task of teaching a coalition of mankind's alien allies about the human concept of war. At the time Jennifer Rodriguez is questioning her own devotion to the human art of war and wondering if she will have a republic to come back to.

Check it out here: https://www.inkshares.com/projects/the-garden-of-oroborous to have a look. I will be doing some rewrite of Chapter 1 (in about five minutes) as well as putting chapter 2 up tonight.

The Contest
The those who Pre Order over this weekend you will receive a personalized Certificate of Commendation from the Solar Republic Navy, signed by Captain Jennifer Rodriguez (the protagonist) and myself.

For those who review.. the first five reviewers will have a dreadnought class vessel named after them and mentioned in the novel. You will also get a certificate declaring the name of this vessel and none of these will be destroyed in the novel.

To my fellow authors: if I do not get to your book tomorrow, know that I will do so this week and write a review that will, I hope, be constructive and encourage people to support you.

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