Good morning friends!

Exciting news: Because the funding model changed a bunch of times over the course of the 3 months The Fable Hunt has been on Inkshares, we have been given a deadline reprieve. Today would have been the last day to get people to buy copies, and now I have 20 more days to spread the word. It's pretty exciting. 

I still need to sell 184 copies to reach a publishing level that will get The Fable Hunt full editorial and marketing support from Inkshares.

Possibly even more exciting than the announcement that I have 20 more days to reach that goal is the newest funding model they announced. The $10 ebook option is back! 


So if you know someone who is a big fan of their Kindle or their Kobo, send them my way. 

As always, spread the word about Penny, Learid and their friends. I'll be continuing to tweet and tumble and facebook the message myself. 

Have a great Tuesday!

The final push for funding is here! There are only 6 days left in my Inkshares campaign, and I have 198 more copies of The Fable Hunt to sell to succeed. 

Here are a few things you awesome supporters can do to help:

1. Send a tweet supporting The Fable Hunt and ask your followers to buy a copy. Here's a sample you can use if you want.

"Support The Fable Hunt and help save stories by buying 1 copy before 11/17! "

2. Post the link on Facebook and ask your friends to buy one copy. It makes a great holiday gift for fans of fantasy novels. Here's a sample.

"Looking for a good book to read? Get a copy of The Fable Hunt while you still can. The Inkshares campaign to fund its publication ends 11/17, and you will help make it succeed! "

3. Send an email to your friends and tell them how excited you are to read the book with a link so they know where to get their copy. You might even use this language:

"Hey friend! 

I'm supporting The Fable Hunt on Inkshares, and I think you would really like it. My friend Rachael has written a story about the fairies who capture stories and make sure they are written by man and remembered forever. When the stories start to die out, the fairies go to humans for help. This is their adventure. 

You can even read the first 5 chapters on Inkshares. Here's the link. If you like it, buy a copy before 11/17 so it will get published. 


Pro-tip: Copy the share link from The Fable Hunt profile when you're logged in so that you can get credit for sending people to buy a copy when you send a tweet, FB message or email. Just log in and look for the share buttons on www.inkshares.com/projects/the-fable-hunt to get the one with your unique share code on it. If anyone buys a book through it, you get credit you can spend on the site.

We're almost done with this! And then I'll be writing like a fiend and finishing The Fable Hunt to get it to you even more quickly. 



Thank you all for being awesome and supporting The Fable Hunt! We're down to the last 18 days of funding! Some cool things have happened and continue to happen including some Inkshares updates! 

First: The changes coming to Inkshares in no way affect the price of the copy of The Fable Hunt that you have already pre-bought! Yay!

Second: At 3pm ET today, Inkshares will be updating their funding model. The plus side of this is that instead of needing to sell 1000 copies to get a physical book made, I only have to sell 750. The down side of this is that I still have 222 copies to sell to get there at 3pm ET the entry level price goes from $9.99 to $20. 

What this all means is that you should totally grab a cheap copy today while you still can if you're someone who is following The Fable Hunt but hasn't purchased yet! Also, tell your friends that today is the last day of the deep discount. Yeah do that! 

I'm going to give a Twitter shout out and #FF (that's Follow Friday for the folks not on Twitter) to each and every person who buys 1 or more copies between now and 3pm ET. Spread the word!

(I'm also going to upload another chapter to the draft at 3pm today so keep an eye out for that.)



Lp Leanne Phillips · Reader · added over 7 years ago
Best of luck reaching your funding goal and thanks for making us ladies proud. ;)

Friends! Thank you so much for all your wonderful support throughout the Nerdist Sci-Fi/Fantasy contest. At the end of the day, The Fable Hunt came in 9th with 367 individual readers pre-ordering a copy, and you are one of the great people who helped me get there.

The next step is a bit more daunting, but I'm feeling motivated again now that this deadline has passed. I have until November 17th to presell 505 more copies of the book to guarantee publication.

You'll hear from me less frequently now as I'm going to be focusing on writing and advertising via social media rather than updating all the time through Inkshares, but I promise to keep you up to date on milestone! 

And the basic ask remains - if you know someone super passionate about books, nerdy stuff or crowdfunding, definitely tell them to come order a copy of The Fable Hunt. I'm pretty darn proud to be the only girl in the Top 10 of the contest, and now I'm going to focus on actually pre-selling enough copies to make this book a real physical thing you can hold in your hands. 

In closing, check out the awesome drawing of Learid that my friend Jay Lugo created. I love getting a chance to see what my friends absorb from the words I write. 


Peace out awesome folks. I'm back to writing!


Just 1 hour left! Turn to your neighbor or open up your Slack and convince someone to order 1 copy of The Fable Hunt before 3pm!


Thank you all for your support! The final hours of the contest are here! 

The Fable Hunt is still 188 readers behind 5th place, but only 33 orders behind 8th place. If you know 188 people, please send them my way! The book in 10th place is slowly creeping up on The Fable Hunt so the more people who order today, the better!

Here's a tweet to share:
Read a sample chapter of @bookoisseur's The Fable Hunt on @inkshares, and pre-order your copy before 3pm ET! http://www.inkshares.com/projects/the-fable-hunt

And here's what you might share on Facebook:
Check out The Fable Hunt on Inkshares and pre-order a copy today! It's the only book written by a woman in the Top Ten of the Nerdist Sci-Fi/Fantasy contest which ends today at 3pm ET. https://www.inkshares.com/projects/the-fable-hunt

(Don't worry. Soon the daily emails will stop, and I'll be concentrating on writing again.)


Hellooooo awesome readers and supporters! It's been an exciting 24 hours since my last update, and here's even more to add to the pot. 

1. The Fable Hunt is in 9th place! Let's keep it that way by asking the person sitting next to you at work to buy 1 copy of it today! 

2. Tomorrow is the FINAL day of the contest. It ends at 12pm PST or 3pm EST depending on your timezone. It's super important to get as many individual human beings to pre-order 1 copy as possible. If you have a husband, wife or person who lives in your household that has $5 to spare, please please ask them to buy 1 copy even if you've already bought one. It's all about the individual buyers rather than the total number sold until tomorrow afternoon.

3. Holy crap 292 of you have already ordered 408 copies of my book. My heart has swollen to Grinch proportions on Christmas morning. HOWEVER there are 335 of you receiving this email so if you're one of the 43 people who has followed but not pre-purchased, please do so immediately. I am counting on you!

4. I've uploaded Chapter 4 of The Fable Hunt for you to read! It's a short chapter but it's very much closer to a whole bunch of fairy lore that you're going to love so eat it up. 

Right now The Fable Hunt is 72 readers behind 8th place, 172 readers behind 5th place, and only 17 readers ahead of 10th place. That's a lot of hurdles to keep in mind, but I know we can do it! 

In a fascinating turn of events, it was also brought to my attention yesterday that I am the only female writer in the Top 10. How amazing would it be to be in the Top 5? I will pre-purchase a copy of a book from the first 5 female writers in this contest who tweet at me today in support of other lady projects. Please send me links!

The cool thing about this contest is that if we can push The Fable Hunt into the Top 5, Inkshares guarantees publication of my book. That means after tomorrow, you can look forward to only hearing from me with awesome story updates and perks rather than me begging for you to tell your friends to buy a book. So lets work together to make it happen! Tweet! Email! Call on phones! Post on Facebook! Ask in person! Send up a smoke signal! Maybe try Morse Code? 

Annnnd that's all I've got for now. 


Evidence that I continue to write away:

Here's the exclusive excerpt I shared with ArtBooksCoffee.com! 

The contest is almost over now with winners being decided on Wednesday at 12pm PST. As of right this second, The Fable Hunt is tenuously holding on to 10th place, and I am the only female writer in the Top 10. Please ask your husband, wife, best friend, kid with a credit card, anyone who is not you specifically, to buy 1 copy to keep me in the running!

Thanks you!


Thank you all for the wonderful support these last few days! I'm down to the final 4 days of the contest, and The Fable Hunt is in the Top 10. If we make into the Top 5 (only 172 individual readers like you), The Fable Hunt is guaranteed publication whether we presell 1000 copies by November 19th or not. 

But it is the last 4 days, and it would be amazing if you would ask one person to pre-order The Fable Hunt to hopefully catapult us further up the list. 

Please forward someone this very email with a little note at the top about how excited you are to read the completed book and tell them that it's only $5 for new members of Inkshares which is pretty darn affordable if you ask me. That's really just one pumpkin spice latte fewer this week, and if I'm willing to give up coffee for a single morning, surely someone else is too!

Here's the link to send too: https://www.inkshares.com/projects/the-fable-hunt

I'm also excited to announce that ArtBooksCoffee.com will be featuring an exclusive excerpt from The Fable Hunt on their blog tomorrow! Make sure you check it out. 

Don't forget to show your support of The Fable Hunt by recruiting a friend to support the project as well!