Eric Landreneau
Beautiful, clear writing that moves with precision from clinical detachment to emotional surgical-strike. It just... gives me the heebie-jeebies.
Sharek Gadd
Brilliant concept and an excellent cause!
Ferd Crôtte
I feel honored to be participating in the Nerdist Sci-Fi contest with works as remarkable as this! Takim Williams writes with a gorgeous descriptive clarity, and the story is simply fascinating. Wow!
TCC Edwards
A chilling premise and a wonderful addition to the Nerdist sci-fi contest!
William Schiele
The anatomy alone is intriguing enough, but Takim Williams' vision of a medical future in which a dissected nervous sytem flourishes with consciousness and a connection to the internet of 2055, is a compelling introduction to what I believe will be a thought provoking, entertaining book. Mr. Williams had me spellbound with the story being told from the perspective of a brain and spinal cord, harvested from an infant's corpse, brought to life by a Doctor's fascination and lack of concern for the ethics of today. The set up is engaging, now I look forward to this draft becoming a campaign so I can pre-order my copy and get this book published. Please join me in supporting Takim Williams.
William Schiele
Cool concept, awesome anatomy, great read. Check out this draft and let's get this campaign off the ground.