Humanity has always survived in the harshest of Earth’s environments. But what happens when the Earth has turned into the cruelest environment over every corner of the globe? Explore the frozen terrors through the eyes of a young man’s journey toward a mythical ring called ’The Equator;’ a long lost paradise meant only for a child’s story.

Who am I?

Hello there! I’m a novelist with an anthology under my belt and a few writing courses completed. You might say ’green-horn’ while I say- well...yes. But also an optimistic go-getter filled with fresh, writer-ly knowledge! (you can check out the anthology here)

The idea of ’The Equator’ came from the ever increasing - and conflicting - views and happenings surrounding global warming. I wasn’t so much interested in the ’reality’ but of the ’what if’ of the social, economical, political, etc. of such a catastrophe. Questions were raised and like the writer I am, I wrote my answers to the theoretical issues I created in my mind.


I’m crazy active on the forums. More so than ever before. I set out my writing journey not just to write, but to gather as much information about the craft as I could. I shoved all that knowledge into the bag of holding and came hauling it back here to share. I’m always interested in what other’s have to say, and I like those character creating conversations, adding input where the input is due, and world building.